What I’m Coveting This Month (September)

In efforts to curb my shopping addiction (which has been put on hold as of late), I’ve decided to start a new monthly fashion post of the items which I think are on trend – and of which I am totally coveting. 


As the fall equinox has just passed, we have hit the best season for footwear. Every year I crave a new pair of ankle booties, yet I never have the gall to actually purchase them. We’ll see if things are any different this year.

My absolute favourite pair are these Aquatalia’s. Not only are they super modern but they are easy to transition between work and play (and they’re waterproof)!


Another pair I’m totally into are these Rag & Bone’s but I’m not so sure I could walk around in a heel all day.


Another footwear trend I have recently noticed are over-the-knee boots. Kind of the total opposite of ankle booties, but still so fashionable. I already own a gorgeous brown leather pair of Vince Camuto’s, but if I didn’t they would totally be on my list. I just love how they make your legs look so long (and slender)!


A few I’m really liking are these from Frye, Ivanka Trump, and Topshop.

boots2 boots3boots4


Totally blowing up a storm is the cape. Every year I come a little closer to thinking I could pull one off. Totally obsessed, but 100% out of my price range, is this beautiful creature from Burberry. I bet it is just so soft. I can just imagine wrapping myself up in it, throwing on a pair of leggings, and heading out the door.


Another one I really like is this one from Ralph Lauren



I love the ability fall brings to wear deep, rich colours – not just as clothing, but as accessories. I am just in love with this watch from Pocket right now.watch

They’re a new company in London, England specializing in funky watches. With so many different colours and styles, it is hard not to want one for every different outfit.

I’ve also noticed that fall is bringing with it a trend in layering necklaces. A couple I like (that are on sale!) are these from Banana Republic. You should really check out their collection because there are a ton.

 necklace necklace 2

Felt or Wool Hats

I have something shipping to me as we speak, so for now I’ll hold off on this topic.

Other things I’m coveting?

These leggings, these pants, and this oh-so-cozy looking sweater.


Banana Republic really should sponsor me for the amount of time I recommend their clothing!


What trends have you noticed? Comment below!