Vintage Chophouse

As some of you might already know, yesterday was my 26th birthday. To celebrate, Cole and I headed to one of our favourite steakhouses for dinner – Vintage Chophouse.

He will tell you the sides are the best, but I will tell you it’s all about the steaks. But, after last night, we might have both changed our answer to the baked Alaska.

Dim lighting, swanky booths, leather chairs, and lots and lots of wood. The ambiance suits the name.

Our table greeted us with miniature suit jackets (napkins) as we ordered a little something to sip on.

I splurged for a Coca-Cola (instead of diet) while Cole treated himself to a red wine.

We perused through the menu, debating which sides to order from the long list of veggies and potatoes.

Menus away, out came warm buns and butter. Fresh out of the oven, these little guys were so warm and fluffy. And since we all know I’m a bit of a bread connoisseur, I would easily rank them in my top 5 restaurant breads.  When the server asked if we would like some more…the answer was obviously yes.

Feeling like I was in dire need of a vegetable, we shared a starter Caesar salad. Creamy, crispy, and jam packed with bacon. Just how I like it.

Next, the entrees…

Beets & Tenderloin for him – succulent and buttery, I knew I was only getting one bite.

Steak cut fries & New York Strip for me – crispy outer edges and seasoned with a little sea salt. Mouth-wateringly delicious with each bite. And check out those fries! Where do you even find a potato that big!

Somewhere close to the last few fries, we cut ourselves off knowing we needed to save room for dessert.

The baked Alaska was…. Show stopping.

It even came with a sparkler to celebrate my big day.

Make a wish!

Shortbread, creamy vanilla ice cream, refreshing strawberry sorbet, crunchy edible pearls, and meringue that tasted like a toasted marshmallow. You can’t get much better than this.

Seriously though… you HAVE to order it. (The molten lava cake is also quite delicious).

I’ve never had a bad experience here and this evening did not disappoint. You can check out the restaurant (and make reservations) here.

It’s a little pricey, but for a delicious steak dinner, it’s worth it. Or, you can just order the baked Alaska – it’s basically a meal already.

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