The Top 10 Reasons Why Corsica Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Top 10 reasons why Corsica should be your next vacation destination:

1. It’s the next “Dubrovnik”
2. Slightly touristy, but the island isn’t crowded
3. The beaches are beautiful – silky white sand, clear water, blue skies
4. Accessible by ferry from various towns along the French coast or by plane
5. Fresh seafood
6. Cheap gelato (yay!)
7. Old castles, mountains, beaches, diving
8. Peaceful and quiet
9. Fusion of French and Italian culture
10. The old towns

Having been to both Calvi & Ile Rousse, I highly recommend a trip to Corsica. The culture I experienced in three days was incredible – absolutely delicious food, beaches, local personalities, and the fusion of French and Italian lifestyles. It is a great destination for a few days, but if you have a week to rent a car and tour around it would be even better!