Peanut Butter & Chocolate Truffles

I always imagined truffles as being very difficult to make – a common trend with my baking choices these days. However, these little balls of deliciousness are not only super easy to make, but they only require three ingredients! That’s right, 3!

The truffles have a great combination of chocolate and peanut butter (duh), however the peanut butter taste is not as strong as I expected. If you are looking for something stronger, I suggest adding an extra 1/4 cup (or, omit the peanut butter if you want straight up chocolate truffles). The cream cheese adds a rich texture without tasting overbearingly chocolatey – don’t worry, I know that isn’t a real word. Rolled into tiny balls, these little guys are easy to eat in 2 bites. The insides are soft and creamy and I must note they last pretty long stored in the fridge.
These little truffles are so easy to play around with and get creative, and when placed in a tiny wrapper, they look so classy! My favorite topping was crushed peanuts 🙂 The sweet and salty combination is so addictive.
This recipe is supposed to make 36 truffles – but I divided it by 3 and made 14 decent sized truffles.
photo 1 (1)
– 8 oz cream cheese (softened) – I used light cream cheese and it seemed to work just fine
– 10 oz semi sweet chocolate
– 1/2 cup peanut butter
Step One: Beat the cream cheese until smooth.
Step Two: Melt the chocolate until smooth.
Step Three: Add the peanut butter to the chocolate, stir, and then pour into the cream cheese.
Step Four: Chill the mixture for at least 1 hour (longer if you make a full batch).
Step Five: Use a spoon to scoop small amounts of the mixture, then roll into smooth balls.
Step Six: Coat your truffles in the ingredient of your choice! I used icing sugar, white chocolate, cocoa, and peanuts 🙂
photo 2 (1)
Make sure to store these bad boys in the fridge if you aren’t going to eat them right away!