Opera in the Village

We parked in East Village and made our way to the giant, white tent. It was a little chilly outside, but that wasn’t about to damper our excitement for a little opera.

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Undergoing revitalization, the East Village is a great place to find trendy events and take in a little culture.

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Nestled between the construction of new condo buildings and the bow river, tonight was the final performance of the two-week event: Opera in the Village.

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We walked along the boulevard enjoying the sun before snagging a warm coffee from Phil & Sebastian’s and a few bags of popcorn (really, what’s a show without a little snack).

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Making our way to our seats, we chatted and looked at the stage, wondering what our night was about to become.

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Candide is a satirical and comedic opera. Written by Voltaire, it follows the lives of four youth in their fall from riches to rags, all the while searching for love and happiness during a time of war. The youth frequently remark, this world is the best possible world.

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Seats began to fill and the stage band began with its first boom. The crowd was filled with anticipation and I admired all the instruments and the passion displayed by each musician.

Within the first 5 minutes we were in tears laughing. The costumes resembled that of a circus. I was impressed just how perfectly each actor held their character. From their voices, to their hand gestures, to their facial expressions, it was a great display of talent (and a hilarious one to boot).

Matching the perfection of their acting capabilities was their voices. From low to high notes, there was not a pitch missed.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap any photos during the performances. However, at the end of the first chorus the cast froze and they quickly announced that spectators could take all the photos they wanted – encouraging us to Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram them like crazy.

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Intermission began and we left our seats to explore the waterfront. The boulevard was now filled with blue and orange lights, illuminating the opera tent and the old manufacturing building beside it.

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Soft jazz was playing in the background, as we watched the river flow by and admired the twinkling office lights from the downtown core.

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With the sun down it was a bit chilly, and I made a mental note that next year I would bring a blanket.

The announcement came on that it was time to return to our seats, and we rushed back, excited to see what would come next.

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The second half of the opera was as hilarious as the first. And, as it came to an end, the cast was applauded with a standing ovation.

I can truthfully say I am already looking forward to next year. If you are in town, I highly recommend you check it out.