Saturday night, nostalgic for our time in Europe, we headed out to celebrate the Calgary Oktoberfest.

Cole dressed up in his finest Austrian (and his only) lederhosen – while the rest of us played it casual and as a result, paled in comparison.

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We proceeded through the entrance, grabbed our tasting cups and a ton of sample tickets (drinks for Cole & food for me).

The first choice? A pumpkin spiced ale. Prost! I actually took a sniff of this beer and it smelled quite delicious. Like a pumpkin-apple cider!

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Following German superstition, I was left in the dust as it’s bad luck to prost anyone who’s drink is non-alcoholic.

Sipping (and gulping) tester after tester, I gazed around at the crowd. Quite the number of individuals were dressed in their finest German gear! Girls in dirndls & guys in lederhosen.

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We made our way through two aisles before our stomachs started to grumble. I, of course, already knew what my next “meal” would be.

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We headed to Wurst’s booth – Calgary’s resident German bar – where we knew we could snag authentic German food & drink. For 5 tickets, you could get a massive salted pretzel with mustard, and for 7, sausages with sauerkraut.

With wide eyes we made our orders, grabbed another beer sample, and snagged ourselves a table.

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photo 1

What a feast!

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I chewed away at my salty pretzel – possibly larger than my head.  I am reluctant to admit I ate at least ¾ of it… But hey, you’re only at Oktoberfest once right?

photo 3 (1)

Totally stuffed, we moseyed our way back through the aisles, polka music playing in the background.

photo 2

photo 3 (2)

On a mission to use up our tickets, but already quite full, the samples were selected with a little more care. This raspberry one looked pretty cool…

photo 3

I eyed up the various meal options (although I didn’t really need anything else) – mini sliders, pulled pork, empanadas, Chinese food, wings, oysters…

photo 5 (2)

Settling a few minutes later on this bad boy…. Black forest cake in a waffle cone.

photo 4

As the end of the night neared, we still had a few tickets to spend. Too full to sample any more beer, we purchased a couple souvenir mugs and happily headed home.

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