Lunching @ SAIT Culinary Campus

A bit over a year ago, SAIT opened up a culinary campus in the downtown core. Located just beside the bay, this market-style restaurant is perfect for anyone working downtown. It serves hot meals for lunch and breakfast which change daily. I’ve never been for breakfast, but I can tell you the lunch features are amazing!


I love going here because I can purchase a healthy, “home cooked” meal, at a reasonable price. And, it supports all the culinary students to boot!

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There are a ton of different stations – saute (pasta and stir-fry), braise (usually a fish or chicken with various sides), and rotisserie (rotisserie meat sandwiches made on the most delicious baguettes).

And if you have a sweet tooth like me, there is a boulangerie filled with all the desserts your little heart could want.

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Plus! If that wasn’t enough, the market also has packaged items to buy such as pasta sauces, oils, specialty sodas, and breads.

I picked the tandoori chicken with green veggies, rice, and potatoes. Everything was cooked to perfection and had just enough flavor. Previously, I’ve had perogies, rotisserie ham, and mushroom and cheese stuffed tortellini. See what I mean? You can never get sick of this place!

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I picked up my meal, paid for it, and took it up to the food court where we sat in the newly renovated Devonian Gardens. A park in the core of the city! We listened to the piano in the background, watched koi fish swim around the pond, and felt like we were in a different world.

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For dessert Cole and I bought slices of red velvet and vanilla buttercream cake to share. Yummy!


Alas, after lunch it was back to work before the long weekend!

PS – If you’re not in the mood for cakes, why not walk down the hall and stop by Monplaisir for some French Macarons.