Glacial Waters and Cedar Hotel Rooms

The morning began with packing a change of clothes, some shoes, and throwing my basic necessities in a purse. After grabbing a quick coffee and a chocolate croissant, we were on the way to Lake Louise.

This was my first adventure to the little village and I was pretty excited. The only thing I wasn’t excited about was leaving Sophie behind – but, after dropping her off at her half-sister’s house, I realized she wouldn’t even miss me!

We begun to drive through the Rockies, singing along to one of our old CDs, and quickly reached the “gates” to Banff National Park. The little houses that act as service gates merge with the highway and give you the perfect opportunity to admire the view and realize you’re not in the city anymore.




We paid our toll and continued on our way. The Post Hotel & Spa was our end destination. The grand entrance was decorated with a Swiss inspiration, and the smell of a crackling fire filled our noses. After checking in and admiring just how cute the rooms were, I made a mental note that I had to try out the fireplace later in the evening.




We had a little rest to recover our energy, then headed out to visit Morraine Lake. I had seen so many photos of this gorgeous lake, set in the mountains, with icy but clear blue water – and it did not disappoint!



Before heading past the tourist filled entrance, I stopped to make a new friend.



Hiking along the trial, stopping every few feet was a requirement to admire the scenery. The water was really quite cold, which made sense when you looked at the glacier just poking out from the mountain top. Through the clear water, you could see all the way to the bottom of the rocky lake. If only the water was warm enough to swim – it would be paradise!



Cole let me snap a quick pic of him, and I must say he is quite handsome!


We continued along the trail to the waterfall which fed more and more water into the lake.


Walking back through to our car, we hopped in and headed to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for speciality hot chocolates and steak bites. So tasty!