Fall Beauty Essentials

Now that we’re mid-way through fall, we have been hit with a swack of new beauty trends and products. However, I still prefer the neutral (yes, basic) look. It’s so much lighter on my face and it’s perfect for working in a professional/conservative atmosphere. Plus I tend to stray from any beauty routine that takes longer than 5-10 minutes since that would take away from my precious time for sleeping.

So, on with the snoop. Below is a list of my fall beauty essentials.

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  1. Skin Care

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The air in Calgary is so dry, and no matter how much lotion I put on, my hands are constantly cracking. But, the same does not go for my face. This face moisturizer by Kiehl’s is my new wonder. I put a little bit on in the morning and my skin feels smooth all day. In my opinion, they’re the masters in skin care – and I’m a little disappointed in myself that I am just discovering this out now.

I use my Midnight recovery oil every night during my bedtime routine. It’s supposed to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and in general, protect your skin. I rub three drops between my hands and then pat it all over my face and neck. When I wake up, my skin is SO smooth and even-toned, I usually debate whether I could not wear any makeup at all. As well, the oil smells divine. The primrose and lavender blend is so soothing, making it easier to doze off into dreamland (everyone knows beauty sleep is essential!).

My final skin care product is Even Better Eyes by Clinique. I use it when I am feeling especially tired to smooth and cover up any dark circles under my eyes. So far I have been using it most mornings before work and I do notice an improvement.

  1. Face

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Like I said above, I prefer to wear as little makeup as possible. I try to save foundation for those winter days when I feel unbearably pale. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of BB creams because they are light and provide primer, foundation, moisturizer, and tint all wrapped in one. A pea-sized amount covers my whole face but doesn’t weigh down my skin. It provides just enough colour corrector for any dark spots and blends everything together. Right now I’m using a BB cream by Garnier, which I find isn’t too oily and is easy to work with.

Once I’ve applied the BB cream, I use a small bit of concealer to touchup any problem areas. I prefer this Mac one because the coverage is great and lasts all day. Plus, the variety of colours makes it easy to find your perfect shade.

My favourite blush right now is Springsheen by Mac. Yes, this is probably not a true fall shade, but I love the peachy-pink tones and the warmth of the colour. It applies very easily and gives my cheeks just enough of a rosy flush.

As the fall draws close to an end (at least for those of us here in Calgary), I find myself trying to hold on to as much of the summer sun as I can. Now, I don’t have a product that will bring back my freckles, but I do love this bronzer. The warm tones of browns and pinks really helps to mimic that summer glow.

  1. Eyes & Lips

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I rarely wear eye shadow or eye liner to work. However, my secret to making my eyes pop is to use an eyelash curler prior to adding mascara. It’s a quick beauty trick that only takes 30 seconds – but it opens up my eyes and at least helps me look awake (even if I’m feeling pretty sleepy).

Benefit has a bunch of great stuff out right now – their mascara being one of my favourite products. It really lengthens your lashes without clumping them together or making them look fake. The wand does an excellent job at coating each individual lash – even the baby ones!

For any brow-work, my go-to product is Too Faced’s brow gel. It lasts all day and the colour matches my brows perfectly. It doesn’t apply too heavily but manages to fill in those thin spots just right. The wand comes with a brush and a comb which is great for shaping.

I almost always use lip crayons as opposed to tints or lipsticks. They are way easier to apply if you don’t have a mirror and I find my lips feel much less dry. I love the shade of Too Faced’s Lip Injection Color Bomb (in Coral Pop) for day-wear. The flirty and fun colour is perfect for those days you don’t want to wear too much makeup but still want to brighten things up. If I’m looking for a sultrier, fall colour, then I grab my Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Palais Royal. It applies silky and smooth but the only downside is that it will rub off if you’re eating/drinking. Other than that, it is great if you’re headed for a fancy night out.

Comment below with your fall beauty essentials!