Exploring YYC

Eager to enjoy the sunny, colourful, and warm fall weather, we grabbed our coats and headed out to satisfy our grumbling stomachs.

We walked along the boulevard of 17 Ave, poking our heads into any space with a patio. Up 4th street we went, setting our minds on trying something new.

We stopped into Bocce for some authentic Italian food. The modern interior welcomed us and we admired the grey woods and the vintage style lighting.

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photo 2 (4)

I ordered the penne and him, the burger.

Creamy, thick, cheesy sauce covered small  penne noodles. All loaded with sweet pieces of Italian ham and bright green peas. Topped with parmesan that melted as the warm pasta came to a rest. I must admit though, it was a bit too garlic-y!

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photo 4 (4)

The meat on his burger was covered with peppers, onions, and gooey cheese.

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photo 5 (2)

After finishing our plates we looked out into the sun and immediately blurted out the same idea: ice cream.

Needing to work up our appetites we cruised through Mission and along the river. Stopping to feel the leaves crunch under out feet and snap a few classic leaf-throwing pics.

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The clear water rushed by, illuminating the stones at the bottom. Gorgeous, big houses – some modern, some classic – stood at the edges seemingly majestic.

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photo 1 (9)

We chatted about architecture, new condo buildings, our favourite spots, and of course Europe (it seems to find a way into most of our conversations as of late).

photo 5 (3)

We cruised through the Stampede grounds, discussing possible ideas for the space and the disappointment that the area is used so infrequently.

Finally we happened upon our favourite gem: Village Ice cream. One day I will write a post about all of its glory, but this time I was too excited to take enough pictures.

It is always a tough debate between creamy vanilla stuffed with crunchy mint Girl Guide cookies and soft maple pecan, loaded with the taste of syrup and little surprises of soft, crunchy pecans.

Before deciding: a test of the new flavours. Caramel-fudge-brownie and pumpkin spice. Failing to surprise ourselves, maple pecan it was.

photo 2 (6)

Wrapped in a fresh waffle cone, our mouths were already salivating.

photo 3 (7)

We sat on the bench and admired what was left of the “summer” sun. Licking our ice creams and joking about how lucky our bodies were that it wasn’t located next door to our condo.

A great day in YYC!