Crete-ing Memories

After a lengthy flight we arrived in Greece late last evening at our first destination: Heraklion, Crete. We grabbed our luggage and headed to a taxi in the warm Aegean air. We were whisked to our hotel room and placed our bags down.

Deciding to splurge a little, we were staying at the 5 star Galaxy Hotel. With a classy and modern interior, our room was full of soft bed linens and cozy bathrobes. As a side note, it offers a delicious breakfast buffet and comfortable sun loungers spread out around a crystal blue pool. Totally worth it for a few days of luxury!

After a brief connection to the wifi (I insisted on checking if there were any new photos of Sophie), we headed out to find a bite to eat. We knew too well that if we took a nap we would be waking up in the middle of the night with no open restaurants nearby.

We found a small restaurant and ordered our first Greek meals. As we did so, a cat wandered by, looking for pets (or rather, food).


We received our drinks first – the largest beer and bottle of water ever! Which was great since I was super thirsty after a day of traveling.



After quenching our thirst, out came our traditional meals – chicken souvlaki and moussaka.



Stuffed but appreciative of the home cooking, we headed back to the hotel to bed and decided not to set an alarm.

The next morning, we woke up around noon, still a bit tired from the jetlag, but figured it was time to do some exploring.

We headed down the Main Street towards the harbour. Along the way, we passed by green trees, bushes, Vespas, and a little park.



The city is a bit quiet today, it being a Sunday. But once we reached the harbour the restaurants and marina were full of life.

We admired the old stone walls and docks that surrounded the harbour, built back in the 900s.





The waters of the marina glistened, a variety of blues separated by the old fortress.





We walked along the narrow pathway out into the sea, all the while hoping the large waves wouldn’t reach above the rocks and splash us – some of the tourists ahead of us weren’t so lucky. The wind was fierce and you could see a storm cloud rolling in.





Hungry and hoping to avoid the rain, we made the decision to forgo the pier and find a restaurant. However, we still stopped to admire the buckets of large sea shells and squeeze a few sea sponges.




We passed by a restaurant filled with delicious looking dishes at packed tables and decided to go in. I recognized the name from tripadvisor and trusted the apparent well-known reputation; Paralia.

We decided to sit indoors but beside the window – avoiding some of the rain and wind.

The dishes were so affordable! A vegetable risotto for me and a pork gyro for him.




Our helpful server even taught us a couple Greek words!


Stuffed, we ate as much as we could and then asked for the bill.

We thought we were done eating, until…


These DELICIOUS little treats came out as a “thank you” from the chef. Fried dough, honey, syrup, and ice cream. I could tell you I was excited, but this picture pretty much sums it up..


We couldn’t help but to eat them all, stopping only to eat a few slices of watermelon that came along.

The server also brought out a digestif…which I knew was pretty strong from the face Cole made has a took a sip. The server laughed and warned us, only one glass each!


Totally stuffed, and a bit sleepy, we headed back to the hotel to rest and plan our next adventure.