More About Me

I’m happy you’ve visited me over here at living life to a T.

Six years ago, I picked up my life and made the daring move to not only somewhere I had never been, but to somewhere where I didn’t know a soul. Since then, I’ve established a career, a second family, and a good group of friends. I’ve learned to broaden my horizons, developed a love of food, and a burning passion for travel.

It was through this personal development that I started my blog. I love taking on new hobbies and at the time, I was craving a little inspiration in my life. During the day I work as a lawyer, but after hours, I found myself constantly craving some creativity. Now, it’s morphed into a great way to update my family back in Ontario, share my favourite spots in Calgary, and re-live my travels in Europe and elsewhere. It’s brought me a list of wonderful and new experiences and as I grow, it grows with me.

And guess what, this past November, I did it again. Crazy right? And, I’m sure that with it, will come new favourite restaurants, European adventures, and the odd bout of homesickness. I’ll be based in The Hague for the next little while, and I’m hoping to share it all right here with you.

For years now, I’ve simply been known as “T” , and it was through this nickname that I developed the title for my blog. It’s a mix of life, food, and travel – all shown through my eyes. And there you have it, the meaning behind Living Life to a T.

If you’ve come here to learn more about me in a professional context, you’ll want to visit my portfolio instead, here: Theresa Yurkewich’s Professional Background.