About This Blog

Life is full of adventures. Whether you’re testing out a new restaurant at home, hot air ballooning over a foreign country, or island hopping via sailboat, adventures come in all different shapes and sizes.

Before crafting each post, I’ve spent hours upon hours researching, spreadsheeting, and testing out some of these adventures, not only for my personal enjoyment, but to help you in your search for a good time. Life’s too short to eat bad food, waste coveted vacation time, or miss out on a local staple  – and my goal, is to prevent that from happening. Combined into an online diary of sorts, this blog is a reference point for all of you looking for a bit of advice on what’s next.

With each story, I’ll answer four of the five W’s: What, Where, When, and Why. All that’s left for you, is to determine who’s going.