Sights in Den Haag

Now that I’m fully settled in The Hague for the next few months, I’m excited to start sharing a bit of my European adventure with you.

It’s been a whirlwind of a month, between moving into my apartment and all the things that go with it, to figuring out what stores sell what items (we really need a Shoppers!), to getting sorted out at work. I’m happy that it’s over with and that I can finally start to discover what life as an expat truly entails.

I promise I’ll have proper reviews of restaurants, town events, and the like coming up soon. But first, I’ll share a few of my photos to get you better acquainted.

As you’ll recall, I spent three weeks living here in July (and blogged about it here), so I had a bit of knowledge on the best eats in the city and the best streets for wandering.

Within the first week, I had already visited Little V, for a feast on pork skewers and fried rice.

little v den haag

And the week after that, I joined a group at Garoeda for a rice table.

garoeda the hague

And while I’ve been mostly sticking to home cooking, I’ve taken the time to find a cheese shop nearby, and, to grab an apple strudel when the rainy weather called for it.


But, it hasn’t been all eats & treats.


haagsche bluf

I’ve gotten acquainted with the city centre, touring through the pedestrian streets and admiring the architecture.

den haag

den haag city centre

den haag centre

And making sure to pass some of the more important buildings in the city.

the binnenhof the hague

the binnenhof

binnenhof the hague

den haag parliament

den haag parliament building

den haag binnenhof

peace palace

But most of all, I’ve been impressed by the hanging lanterns on each street, and they way they light up in the night. 

den haag hanging lanterns

the hague christmas
de bijenkorf christmas the hague

the hague christmas lights

It’s stunning to be here during the holidays, and I’ll be sure to take some proper photos on my weekend jaunts around town.

Outside the city centre, I managed to make my way down to the beach on a cloudy morning. Which now, free of sunbathers, is the perfect off-leash dog park.


the hague harbour

But of course, the best part about being here is that it’s so close to so many other cool towns & the ability to travel is way easier than an 8 hour flight. So with that, stay tuned for where I decided to visit first.

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  1. Lovely blog Theresa. Looking forward to following your adventures for food, fun and travel.
    You have had a full month there already. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

    Mary Helen

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