The Hague: A Recap

Well, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Thanks to some exciting news at the beginning of October, I’ve been running around the country, getting things organized for a big move to the Netherlands at the end of this month. I’m somewhat embarrassed that I haven’t even finished my travel posts from my visit in July, but with renewed enthusiasm, I’m eager to get those completed before moving onto the next chapter!

As you’ll recall, I’ve taken you through The Hague and the large & small towns around it. From Rotterdam to Delft, we left off on a cloudy afternoon in Utrecht. As our course was ending, the days spent hanging with our new friends were sadly coming to an ending.

But, determined to spend as much time together as possible, we headed out for a group dinner at my favourite Italian joint in The Hague – Follia. I had been here three times in the past two weeks, and after a thorough sampling of the pizza and pasta options, I knew it was the perfect place for one last family-style dinner.

We gathered together to celebrate the lovely Marine’s birthday, and started with a few plates of antipasti.

With fresh bruschetta, balls of burrata, and lemon-drizzled calamari.

follia the hague

follia the hague

follia the hague

follia the hague

Served family style, we passed the dishes around, picking and choosing our favourites and filling up our plates.

I was almost too full for a pizza by the time entrees came around…

But, just almost. Finally, I met a pizza that felt the same way about me, as I it.

follia the hague


Chuckling late into the evening and recanting stories of the past three weeks together, the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant made for the perfect setting.




The opportunity to spend some quality time as a group was truly special, and it make our next day of goodbyes a little bit easier.

The next day, after our last class at the Peace Palace, we celebrated completing our course, took a few group photos, and said our goodbyes.






For our last evening in the city, I had one final item to check off the list – a sunset at the Sheveningen. There aren’t really any beaches near Calgary, and I always find it to be quite a shame. So, I was determined to spend as much time as possible near the sand and the smell of the salt water – even if it meant being a little cold after sun down.



We grabbed dinner at a Greek restaurant nearby, sharing a meat platter and fresh dorado, and ordering what seemed like much more tzatziki than necessary. greek food

greek salad

greek meat platter the hague

greek meal



All while watching the sunset peak through the clouds overhead. And before heading down to the boardwalk for one last stroll.


sheveningen the hague

the hague sheveningen

the sheveningen


sheveningen the hague

With a hop and a skip, we kicked off our shoes and plunged our toes into the sand. Running in the wind, and feeling the breeze around us.

Then, in a moment of reflection, took the chance to sit together peacefully and watch the magic of the sea ahead.

rollo towel

rollo towel

Rollo Towel

Once it was officially dark, we made our way back home and past the Peace Palace one last time, to see it glowing in the night sky and looking quite majestic.

peace palace

peace palace

the hague peace palace

And with that, it was time for bed to prep for our last weekend in the Netherlands. Can you guess where we spent it?

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