Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt

Today, there is quite an exciting scavenger hunt happening in Calgary. In fact, it’s happening in 50 districts across the world!

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Jack Daniel’s is dropping an authentic whiskey barrel somewhere in our city, and it’s up to us to find it! Ten Canadian districts are also competing to find their respective barrels, and the winner – known as the “Tribute” – will be sent to Tennessee for a celebration.

So how do we find it you ask?

Well, four clues will be revealed anytime after 10:00 AM, which you can find on the Jack Daniel’s facebook page.

More questions? Check out their website here, with all the details!

Barrels have already been found in Berlin, Mexico City, and Innsbruck. You can use their website to track other barrels, find out if there is one in a city close to you, and watch the one on its way to Calgary.

I’m terrible at these types of hunts, but it’s a fun way to explore the city! Let’s just hope the rain holds off for a little longer.

Looking forward to seeing who wins! I love a good Hunger Games themed challenge.

May the odds be ever in your flavour. #‎Jacks150‬

Get hunting. 21+. Official rules at http://bit.ly/28NvW5G

Update: Be the first to touch the barrel and give the password “Jack Julep” to the barrel guard to claim it.

Clue 1: We’ve hidden the Barrel Hunt prize somewhere in the historic district of downtown Calgary. And while the city isn’t quite as old as our whiskey, we think our old oak barrel will fit right in.

Clue 2: Clue 2: While Stephen Avenue is a national historic site, modern buildings and sculptures have sprouted up in recent years. Now, we didn’t know Mr. Stephen, but Mr. Jack wouldn’t have taken too kindly to such a change happening under his name. 


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