Sun at the Sheveningen

Once back in The Hague and ready to begin week 2, we switched into full vacation mode.

That meant no more work emails, less stress, more late nights, and overall just an eagerness to enjoy everything there was to offer. Or, in my mind: relax on the beach and eat everything my heart desired.

Luckily, Mother Nature was in agreement with our plan and she gave us some of the city’s best weather. And, while the locals were busy assuring us this wasn’t normal for The Hague in July, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

So, with sun shining and temperatures reaching the 30s (Celsius, of course), we ran out the door after class, threw on our swim suits, and headed off to Sheveningen beach.

sheveningen beach the hague

sheveningen beach the hague

As you’ll recall, we had previously jogged here one evening, amazed by the far reaching sand at low tide and the peacefulness of it all.

Now, on a blazing hot sunny afternoon, it was a much different scene.

Still magnificent with a mixture of grandiose old hotels, trendy restaurants, and a modernised pier, this time, however, it was covered in people.

sheveningen beach the hague

sheveningen beach the hague

The sand still stretched for what felt like miles in any direction as the tide had already begun to recede, leaving lots of space to find the perfect spot for a bit of sun worshipping.

sheveningen beach the hague


Somewhere in the middle, we kicked off our shoes and set up shop.

Laying down my Rollo, it seemed to match perfectly with the bright and sunny atmosphere.

rollo towel

sheveningen beach the hague

rollo towel lollipop

Lollipop / Black and White “Willow”IMG_3261

sheveningen beach the hague

The round shape was perfect for the both of us to fit, and meant that we didn’t have to constantly re position our towel as we rotated with the sun.

And, the soft cotton was plush enough to keep us warm whenever the breeze blew in our direction.

sheveningen beach the hague

rollo towel coHaving seemingly not seen the sun in quite a while, I was rather ghostly white and realized I may also need a bit of sun protection.

Luckily, Rocky Mountain had sent me a few of their summer products just before I headed out, so I was well taken care of in that regard.

sun products rocky mountain soap co

rocky mountain soap co Sunscreen / Lip Butter / Outdoor Spray / After Sun

I started with spritzing a layer of Outdoor Mist – a hydrating mixture of lemongrass, citrus, and essential oils – all over my skin. Immediately cooling myself down, and leaving my skin glistening in the sun. The citrus blend was almost intoxicating, and the mist made for the perfect base coat for what was about to be a long, hot afternoon.

FullSizeRender (1)


And then, slathered on a good coating of sun screen. Non-greasy, the versatility of this stuff (and the vanilla coconut scent) was what sold me. I don’t know about you, but I hate carrying a ton of different bottles with me to the beach. They’re heavy, and I’m always a little tired on the walk back. So, the ability to use this stuff on both my face and body was a saviour.

rocky mountain soap co



IMG_3294Once I was all settled, it was time to put in the headphones, crank a few tunes, and enjoy a little R&R.



We spent the rest of the afternoon laughing, reading, resting, and shoving our toes in the hot sand.

It’s easy to forget just how much I love the beach, until I find myself at one. I could easily have never left. And in fact, that thought did seriously cross my mind.

sheveningen beach the hague

sheveningen beach the hagueAs the sun began to set and the breeze got a little cooler, we picked up our things and walked along the shore to the harbour.


sheveningen beach the hague

And again, miles and miles of golden sand stretched as far as the eye could see.
sheveningen beach the hague

sheveningen beach the hague

sheveningen beach the hague

IMG_3317We continued to walk across, stepping over rows and rows of seashells, and hopping into what was left of the tide.



sheveningen beach the hague

By then, we were sleepy from the sun and retreated home for an evening of tv & stroopwafels.

What an absolutely wonderful afternoon!


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