The Perfect Pedi

A couple weeks ago I received a wonderful surprise package in the mail. And, not just any package, the most delightful smelling one.

Hurriedly, I rushed into the house, grabbed a pair of scissors, and tore the brown box open. My eyes widened as I found it jam packed with the newest spring products from Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

What did it contain, you ask? Everything I needed for one hell of an at-home pedicure. And luckily, with the dry Calgary weather, I was in need of just that.

I tested it out, carefully following the step by step instructions enclosed, ensuring that my tootsies came out smelling great and feeling as soft and refreshed as can be.

So here you have it, the lineup.

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products

Now, before I started, I figured I would set the mood. Gathering my favourite scents as well as some tasty treats, I threw on my softest bath robe and popped the latest episode of Grey’s onto the TV.



Of course, by now, Sophie was starting to get a little jealous of my party of one and tried to get in on the action.


But I had to say no. Instead, filling up a large bowl with steaming hot water and tossing in a few flowers for decoration.


Pouring in a heaping portion of Foot Soak Salts (as well as a few lavender ones for extra relaxation), I plunged my feet into the warm tub of heaven.

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products

Soaking for 15 minutes, I let those epsom salts take away all the aches and pains in my feet, deodorizing them and rejuvenating my soles. In no time, the room was filled with the glorious scent of fir needle and grapefruit, bringing me to a state of pure and utter relaxation.


Patting them dry, it was time for step 2. A serious exfoliant.

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products

Rocky’s latest product is filled with pumice stone, perfect for a little extra loving on those rough areas. Super easy to use, you just rub it in, then rinse it all off.

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products


By now, my feet were in tip-top shape, soft & supple.

But, having them all soft and supple is only one part of the project. The next, is how to keep them feeling that way.

I slathered on the Nail & Cuticle Butter over my toes and then coated my entire foot in the Carrot Tissue Foot Butter (multiple times). Both work together to form a protective coating around your feet, sealing in moisture and reviving any imperfections.

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products

Last but not least, my pedicure had one final step. Aromatherapy. I generously spritzed on the Cool Feet Spray, covering my feet in a combination of peppermint and tea tree oils. Imagining, that this would be utter perfection after a hard day of wearing heels in the office. Breathing deeply, the scent was both calming and invigorating at once.

rocky mountain soap co pedicure foot care products



The entire line is absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend you head out to your nearest Rocky and build yourself an at-home pedi kit.

Funnily enough, I’ve had a professional pedicure since then and the esthetician was remarking at the excellent condition of my feet! Just a further testament to the high quality of Rocky’s product. All natural and toxin free, it’s an even better feeling to know that you’re using products that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Now, lucky for you, I’ve got another Rocky Mountain Soap Co gift basket to give away. I haven’t decided what to stuff inside of it just yet, but rest assured, it will be carefully curated with all my favourites. In fact, maybe you’ll get a little at home pedi love too.

Unfortunately, it’s limited to those of you who can come and pick it up from a Calgary location.

Enter below!

Thanks again to the lovely ladies from Rocky Mountain Soap for the glorious box of goodies! All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I truly do believe in this brand. Everything smells amazing and the products really work!

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Pedi

  1. I would love to try the cool feet +. Summer shoe season is comming up fast which means hot sweaty and achy feet. The tea tree and peppermit would do a great job combating all of that!

  2. Love these products…..I was SO sad when they left Victoria. BTW….the link to your instagram page is missing the underscore…….

    1. Oh no, what a shame!! I checked and it seemed to be there, hopefully it’s working now – thanks!

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