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I’ve been to Laurier Lounge a number of times, but I’ve never sat down and enjoyed their three-course fondue.

For the longest time, I actually wasn’t a big fan of cheese fondue, which was a big reason why I hadn’t taken the plunge. Instead, although I always ordered the chocolate fondue, I usually ended up selecting a different entree. Filled with classic French cuisine, one look at the menu and you’ll be drooling.

You might think to yourself, she didn’t like cheese fondue?! I know, blasphemy. Warm melted cheese and bread, it’s almost a sin not to enjoy it.

But for some reason, while we were in Lucerne, it all came together for me. Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was the mixture of cheese, or maybe it was that my palate had finally developed. All I know is that in any event, it.just.clicked.

Anyway, since we’ve been back in Calgary, I’ve actually had a craving for cheese fondue, and, when Laurier Lounge put a $35 three-course menu on special, you can bet your bottom dollar that I hurried onto Open Table and made Cole & I a reso.

laurier lounge calgary

Not only was I going to feast on cheese, beef, and chocolate fondue – but it was the perfect place for a romantic date night.

In the evening light (or as photographers call it, the golden hour), the sun set on the city, glowing between the roads. We walked up the stairs into the intimate setting, and grabbed a seat on their newly refurbished indoor patio. Surrounded by windows, bathed in golden sun light and seated in a quiet corner, the night was already set to be a lovely one.

We ordered drinks and rubbed our hands together in excitement.

And, within no time, out came our first course. A mixture of gruyere and other cheeses, constantly melting atop the mini burner below.

laurier lounge fondue calgary

We took turns dunking our bits and pieces of bread.

laurier lounge fondue calgary

FullSizeRender (19laurier lounge fondue calgary
Smiling, with each melted morsel.


As our bowl was emptied, it was quickly replaced with a much larger heater, and a classic fondue pot filled with a warm onion and herb infused broth.
laurier lounge fondue calgary

laurier lounge fondue calgary

And, in addition to our swirl of finely sliced beef, we were provided a trio of sauces for dipping, vegetables, and a baked potato.

laurier lounge fondue calgary

Taking turns, we rolled up the meat onto our fondue sticks and then plunged them into the hot broth to cook.

laurier lounge fondue calgary

laurier lounge fondue calgary

Sharing fondue is quite an interactive experience and it’s best done in pairs. The meal passes by slowly and the time between cooking each morsel gives you time to chat (and digest).

The night, of course, was only helped by the fact that when the sun set, we were left with twinkly lights and stars shining above.

Once we were stuffed to the brim, we were reminded that we had one last course on its way.

My favourite…

The chocolate fondue.

laurier lounge fondue calgary

Paired with seasonal fruit, strawberries (a must!), bananas, and banana bread (sometimes interchanged with a lemon loaf), it’s a decadent, yet simple, dessert. One in which good quality chocolate really shines.

laurier lounge fondue calgary

We covered each piece in a solid layer of chocolate, before devouring them in what felt like a race.

laurier lounge fondue calgary



The meal was excellent and I don’t think I can decide whether I preferred the cheese or chocolate course more. Which, really, is a win-win either way.

Laurier Lounge is the perfect spot to sweep your date off their feet or to spend time reconnecting with that special someone of yours.

The $35 special is over, but you can still get all three courses for $40. Which, considering it includes an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, is a pretty solid deal. Plus, the service is excellent.

And, although the patio is quite lovely, the inside is just as intimate and full of character. Divided into tiny rooms, it’s the perfect spot if you’re going with a group.

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