Valentines Sweets

The burning question of the week: Where to find the yummiest Valentines sweets for your sweetie. Cole & I aren’t big of Valentine’s gifts and often opt to head out for a nice meal or perhaps exchange a box of chocolates.

This year, however, we’ve opted to stay in and do a bit of a Calgary-wide chocolate tour. But, I’ll have more on that later, once I’ve been able to test the competitors and pick a few favourites. The finishing touches aren’t yet complete on the itinerary, so if you’ve got a suggestion or two, comment below and head me in the right direction!

This year there are a lot of great treats in Calgary that you can pick up or have delivered on or before the big day. Sweet, salty, or gooey with chocolate, it should be easy to find that perfect something sweet to show your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, parent, or even best colleague that they mean a little something special to you.

Many are taking last minute delivery orders – or open for pick up all the way until the big day. So ditch those last-minute grocery store boxes and shop local for something with a little flair.

My favourites are:

Crave Cupcakes. If you haven’t stopped into one of their shops in awhile, Crave has really stepped up their game in the baked goods department. No longer just cupcakes piled-high with buttercream frosting, they’ve got squares, sammies, cakes, shortbread, and more. In fact, they’ve got a whole line up of tasty treats just for Valentines. Check their menu here. One of my favourite options is the ice-your-own cookie kit – perfect for a quiet date-night in.

The Sugar Cube. Starting from a bright purple food-truck, the sugar cube is the perfect spot for the candy-lover in your life. Offering all things candy, you can find goodie bags, lollipops, cotton candy, and just plain boxes of it. Offered in three sizes (small, regular, and gigantic”), the boxes come stuffed with the coloured candy of your choice, and topped with a bow. Make sure to order by end of the day February 10th if you’re hoping to get your gifts delivered. Got a crew of single ladies? Order up the baby sizes in a few girly colours and doll them out to your besties. Bringing back the old candy ‘gram. Their valentines menu is here.

Broune. Okay, so I just learned about this fabulous shop from today’s segment on BT. And I gotta say, the ability to make that perfect brownie is not something we all possess. Luckily for the less talented, Broune has blondies, double chocolate, and peanut butter brownies, and seriously, it’s taking all my willpower not to order myself a tray right now and subsequently devour it. Don’t believe me? Just check them out. With larger orders, you can even do 1/2 and 1/2 – problem solved.

Sweet Lollapalooza. One of the newest chocolate shops in Calgary, this is at the top of my must-try list. With artisan combinations and cute designs, they’ve got the perfect selection to spice up your usual chocolate gifts. Plus, right now, they’ve even got a heart-shaped box assortment. All I needed to see were the mini Eiffel tower designs to fall in love.

Sugarfina. Another spot for the candy-lover, Sugarfina’s located in Nordstrom. With pick your own (or pre-made) bento boxes, you can really personalize that candy selection for your sweetheart. Like the others, they’ve got a valentine’s menu here, stuffed with sweet chewy hearts, berries imported from Germany, and red apple caramels. Yum.

Ollia. You’ve heard about me rant & rave about Ollia time and time again. But, there’s a very good reason for that. In my opinion, they’ve got the best macarons in town – hands down. The flavours are perfectly cultivated, the shells are soft, and the ganache melts in your mouth like a cloud. Pick your favourites and carefully stuff them into a box of 12. Perhaps try picking 2 of each and turn your evening into a taste-test with your date. But be sure to get there early before all the Rocher ones are gone. And by the way, just in time for Valentines, they’re offering a select number of heart-shaped double chocolate & cherry beauties.

Jelly Modern Doughnuts. A classic Calgarian favourite, Jelly has been serving up the softest, gooest, artisan doughnuts for years. Make sure to check the menu to see what they’re offering that day – or test out the doughnut of the month. Plus, their selection comes in mini three-biters or full sized giant ones depending on the size of your appetite, your wallet, and your group.

Edible Arrangements. If you’re recipient isn’t big on sweets, you can always send them a fresh fruit arrangement. This is my go-to for far-away pals, and I’ve never had a bad set. The fruit is always juicy and plump – and you can always add a few chocolate dipped ones just in case they have a little craving. My favourite? The chocolate covered strawberries, duh.

Photo cred to the Sugar Cube for this beaut.

Hopefully you found these suggestions helpful and they make this weekend just a little sweeter for you.

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