New Years & New Goals

Lately, I’ve stopped making New Years resolutions because I try to focus on being my best self every day of the year. So instead, I’ve started making New Year goals.

I’ve found myself becoming more goal oriented, using them to set benchmarks to monitor my progress and give myself a little extra motivation to move forward. For me, setting a goal is like setting an intention for the year, and I use that intention to give me some direction in my every day life.

I’m pretty set on accomplishing what I set my mind to and goals are my way adding a bit of focus and purpose. They’re like resolutions in their own way; a resolution to move forward in search of something that I truly want.

After reflecting on this year, I want to thank everyone that has made it extra special. This, of course, includes all of you, my lovely readers!

This year, I was fortunate enough to attend a bunch of new openings for great places in Calgary, including Buttermilk, Parc, and Whitehall. I’ve made some great media contacts that have enabled me to see a new side of Calgary, and I’ve gotten to truly sample the food scene with meals like steaks at Hy’s or lamb confit at Cassis. I never expected that this would be my hobby, but over the past year, this blog has allowed me to bring you some exciting features and a few sneak peaks.

In addition to food, my life revolves around travel. If I’m not on vacation, I’m planning my next one or I’m picking out places on our world map to visit next. I love experiencing new cultures, new food, and just exploring in general and this year I’ve been exceptionally lucky in that sense. I checked out Quebec City, visited my family back home twice, returned to Paris, hopped over to Palm Springs, and spent two weeks journeying through Germany, France, and Switzerland. Being in Europe is when I’m at my true happiest and this year I was able to budget enough to go twice. It’s not always the easiest sticking to that budget, but I worked hard and made some great partnerships that not only aided in my travels, but helped me really see the best of each town.

All of this work has really helped me define this blog and continue to share my life with you. I’ve somewhat taught myself how to build this website, code html, and take at least decent photographs. And it’s with every share, comment, or like, that I get more inspired to create content that is interesting and fun to read. I know I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve enjoyed learning about the communications side of things and connecting with people outside of my small circle of friends and family.

Outside of this blog, I’ve continued to build my career, switched firms, conducted my first Questioning, and published a couple articles on legal topics of interest. All working towards making myself a better advocate and a well-rounded individual.

Now to the real talk, this year I didn’t accomplish my goal. I knew it was a bit far-fetched to begin with, but I came ever so close that it’s almost painful. That being said, I’ve enjoyed my time working towards it and knowing that I came so close fuels the fire within me even more. I’m dedicated to making a positive change in the world, and I know that I have enough skills that I can do it. Now, I just need to convince someone else out there of the same thing.

So with that, I’ve decided to make the same goal this year. And, to help, I’ve placed a timeline on it to help myself work even harder. We all have those nights where we get home from work, throw on our PJs, and just want to veg out in front of the TV. But knowing that I’m aiming to accomplish my goal by September, that will give me the motivation to put a little effort into it – even if its only 5 or 10 minutes a day. I’m still going to enjoy my life, but I like having something to work towards for 2016. I’m not going to post my goal here just yet, but if you know me, you might already know what it is. Wish me luck.


Best wishes to everyone out there, whether you’ve made a resolution, a goal, or are just looking to enjoy the status quo!

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