Gift Ideas for Her

Now that it’s officially December, many of you are probably mulling over a few gift ideas for the special ones in your life.

This year I have been quite productive, finishing the last of my Christmas shopping last weekend and shipping it all back home to the fam-jam in Ontario. After talking to a few friends and colleagues, however, I realize this is somewhat of an oddity and that many of you might still be struggling for ideas.

So with that, I’ll be preparing two gift guides for you – him & her – because I’m all about keeping it simple this holiday season.

Now let’s get on with the pressies – here you have it, For Her.

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Big Money Gifts ($$$)

A weekend getaway: Surprise her with a mini getaway for the two of you. You can either tell her the destination, or just grab a bag and let her guess along the way. Head out for a nice meal and then curl up by the fireplace, rent a movie, and just enjoy each other’s company. There is always something about spending the weekend together in a new place that brings couples closer together and she’ll be happy that you thought of it. Look up some activities, or just stroll through the town and relax. The main thing is to get out of the city, shut off your phones, and see how rejuvenated you feel afterwards!

My favourite spot is the Post Hotel & Spa where each room is equipped with a wooden fireplace. Book here.

If you need some non-Calgary recommendations, check out my travel section for hotel ideas or comment below with your city of choice and I’ll do my best.

A spa day: I don’t know any lady who doesn’t like a little pampering here and there. A massage is always my go to – hot stone if they have it. There’s something about getting rubbed down in oils, the knots worked out of my shoulders, and a killer foot and head massage that always does it for me. Bonus points if it’s got a hot tub or mineral spa for afterwards.

If she’s got massage benefits covered through her work, no worries, there are still some other great options like a facial or body wrap. These are services that most women won’t buy for themselves, but that are sure to leave her feeling pampered and relaxed.

Spa recommendations? Banff Springs / The Palliser / Riverside / Esme Beauty Bar

If you’re in Toronto – get her a pass to Body Blitz.

Medium Dollars Gifts ($$)

Jewellery: You honestly can’t go wrong with jewelry. This might seem like a cop-out idea, but it’s the type of thing I always want, but am never willing to spend the money to buy. Pick her something simple and timeless, so she can wear it with anything for the years to come. Pearls, diamonds, and sterling silver are always safe bets.

You can never go wrong with Tiffany & Co / Birks / Swarovski

Some items I love are these earnings / this ring / this bracelet /

Photography gear: With Instagram and blogs populating the internet scene, photography has become quite a popular interest. If she likes taking pictures, you might want to get her a DSLR or mirrorless camera – something to help step up her game and create gorgeous shots. I prefer the mirrorless camera because it’s compact and fits into my purse, but there are limited selections on lenses. There are some great sales on this month, meaning you can likely pick up a newer model or a camera bundle at a great price.

Best Buy / The Camera Store (Mine here)

If she’s already got the camera base, consider getting her a new lens. If all she has is the kit lens that comes with the camera, I would recommend a telephoto or wide angle lens. If she’s got both of those, then she’ll be the best one to tell you what is next on her list.

For a sony mirrorless – telephoto / wide angle

Cashmere or warm knits: Give her something soft to wrap up in during this cold winter. I usually stick to neutral colours because they’re easy to pair with whatever is in my closet, but, if you’ve got a sense for fashion then pick something a little bolder. Bonus points if it’s got a great winter themed pattern.

Tunic / Wrap / Fair Isle Print / Knit

Warm tights: A good pair of leggings goes a long way. She can wear them to lounge around the house, run errands, exercise, or hang out with friends. If she’s into exercising outdoors, I’ve got the perfect suggestion. I recently picked up a pair of Lulu’s (on recommendation from a friend) which are lined with quick-drying fleece. Plus, there are pockets on the side and the material is somewhat reflective. I’ve been staying warm all week in these babies, even on the cold bike ride in to work.

Thermal tights / Super soft tights

Budget-friendly Gifts ($)

Birchbox: Monthly surprise packages are all the rage right now. You can get a new tie, toys for your pets, or even makeup in 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions – usually targeted to your survey answers. Birchbox is a female fav, sending full size products to her door each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Birchbox Subscription

A Living Plant: Some of you might be thinking, wow – has T gone crazy? But in all seriousness, I absolutely adore the terrarium I’ve got in my office and I’m already planning on where I’m going to put one next. Luckily, they’re quite trendy right now so you can get some pretty unique arrangements and glass containers. The best part about a terrarium is that it requires minimal water, which is perfect for anyone without a green thumb. Flowers are beautiful, but they die within the week whereas a terrarium can last years!

I wouldn’t recommend building your own as I’ve had friends do it, and their terrariums have died pretty quickly.

I may be biased, but I think Plant has the BEST selection (at all different price points). They’ve even got build your own workshops!

I’ve also had great experiences with Crown Flora (Toronto).

Candles: I’m starting to learn that you really can’t have enough nice smelling things around you. They’re not normally something I spend money on, but the more I get, the more I burn, and the more I get again, and again, the more I burn. It’s a never ending cycle really. You don’t need to get her one of those fancy European brand candles – in my experience, they aren’t worth the price. The scent doesn’t last any longer and it’s not any better than some of the all-natural, local made ones you can find in boutiques. I love lighting them during baths, when I’m preparing for guests, or just relaxing in bed.

My favourites?

Coal and Canary – shop online (hello, chunky knit sweater) or Purchase them in Calgary

Any of the soy ones from Plant (Campfire smoke, yes please!)

Or, the selection from Rocky Mountain Soap Co

Another option is an aromatherapy spray. Rocky Mountain Soap Co has a great line, tailored to her needs. I just picked up the Lavender one, and I’ve been spraying it on my pillow before bed.

Rocky Mountain Soap Relax Spray or Tension Spray

I hope these are helpful! You can always check out last year’s Gift Guide for Her if you need for ideas.

PS: Don’t forget I’ve got some great tasty holiday recipes like the crowd-favourite chocolate mint squares or shortbread with cherries.

Comment below if you’ve got other great ideas to share.

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  1. Great gift guide! I think I’m going to have to forward it straight to everyone in my life… since I pretty much want everything you mentioned!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I don’t see anything wrong with letting people know what you want 😉

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