Thanksgiving is one of the best times for spending time with the family and acting like a total goof.

It’s not only a long weekend, but it’s not as stressful as some other holidays. There is no running around buying gifts, rushing to family events, and just generally being exhausted. Instead, it’s all about food and lazing on the couch – and basically just rotating between the two.

This year I found a sweet seat sale (thanks WestJet) and was able to make the trip home to see the fam.

But, before we could start devouring heaps of turkey and pie, we needed to pick up a few ingredients – and what’s better than literally picking them off the vine? I had resorted to making an apple crisp later in the night, so apple picking we went.

I had actually forgot about Macklin’s Farms – I honestly don’t think I had been since I was a small child. But, organic is all the rage right now and they were bustling this fine afternoon!





It took all my will power not to pick out a pumpkin (at a steal of $5 each!) – knowing that they weren’t totally carry-on friendly.

But thankfully, a quick distraction came in the form of a photo shoot..





We made our way through rows and rows of apples, tasting each kind to determine our favourites.




Northern spy, golden delicious, and of course, honey crisp were all amoung the top contenders.



We picked and picked – one for the bag, one to eat – before realizing we had way too many to actually use within the week.


I was thrilled to spend time with my most favourite crew – and of course we found a way to let loose and act a little silly.




We picked some other varieties of fresh produce and contemplated what to have for lunch. Apples can only fill you up so much.


Now, as any good Southern-Ontario knows – the only answer for lunch in Sarnia is…Bridge Fries. House cut, sprinkled with salt, and coated in layer upon layer of whine vinegar. The.Best.


After stuffing ourselves we headed home to prepare! Nothing smells better than a warm apple crisp in the oven, gurgling with melted brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Whats that? I think I hear the oven calling…


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