LDV Pizza Bar

On Fridays I have a little tradition that I like to call Pizza Fridays.

Yes, it’s not the most original, but hey – it gets me through the work week. Usually, it ends up being me and Sophie sitting in bed watching Netflix while chowing down on a cheap pizza I picked up from Panago – but sometimes, Cole and I head out for an upgrade.

This time, we strayed from our usual haunts and made our way to Bridgeland for dinner at LDV Pizza Bar. It’s an extension of the Italian eatery “La Dolce Vita”, and everything is focused on traditional Italian food. My fav.

The spot is rustic looking with Italian-inspired trinkets throughout. And of course, a big winding staircase leading up to the main dining room.


 The pizzas are traditional Italian – thin crust and tossed into a wood-burning oven stove for a crispy outer crust and a soft gooey centre. 

 I went with the classic margherita pizza. The crust was soft and chewy, loaded with fresh tomato sauce and heaps of melted fresh mozzarella. My favourite pizzas are still at Cibo, BUT, this one came in close to the top.

Cole, having snooped on the table beside us, ordered the mussels – sautéed and piled high, drenched in a light sauce of white wine, tomato, and olive oil – and paired with warm garlic bread for dipping.

 Feeling like we needed a few veggies, we opted for a side salad to share.

 We were too stuffed for dessert, which doesn’t normally happen. The value is excellent and the restaurant isn’t too full – perfect for visiting. You’ll want to snag a seat by the open balcony window if you can, because when the warm summer breeze blows past, you forget you’re in Calgary.

 Check them out here 

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