Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc is one of my favourite events in Calgary – if not my favourite. 

Having been last year, Cole and I were a little more prepared this time around. We already had our folding white chairs, a lightweight folding table, and white outfits. All we needed, was a delicious picnic dinner. Easy peasy.

So Thursday night we gathered up our stuff and headed to our group location. The destination of the night? Still unknown.

Diner en blanc calgary

And headed on our way…our fearless leader at the front.Diner en blanc calgary

Diner en blanc calgary

The sun was shining and it was an absolute glorious evening for a picnic. In no time we were arriving at our destination for the night: the landplot of the Concord – just across the river from the peace bridge and smack dab in the middle of the eau claire pathway.

Over 2000 guests gathered and quickly we began to set up our tables. Famished I got right to the main event: our meal. Having packed a pretty sweet 3 course picnic dinner, I was eager to take a bite out of it.

Diner en blanc calgary

Course 1: Caprese salad. Fresh tomatoes and soft mozzarella, topped with a generous portion of olive oil and herb dressing.Diner en blanc calgary



Diner en blanc originated in Paris, so we tried to fill our table with french-inspired goods like fleur-de-sel and baguette.

Stuffed after course 1, we decided to take a peak around the grounds. There were bands playing, air-inflated statues, and all kinds of perfect spots for photo ops. Besides the grounds, it’s pretty fun to check out what other people brought and all the elegant white duds.  DSC08169


Diner en blanc calgary

Diner en blanc calgary

Diner en blanc calgary

Diner en blanc calgary



We missed the signature waving of the white napkin, but we did head back for course 2. Roasted chicken sandwiches on baguette (spiced with herbes-de-provence) and a green salad with french vinaigrette. Yes, that vinaigrette. Heaps and heaps of it (duh).

Diner en blanc calgary

Diner en blanc calgary

Diner en blanc calgary

And then back of course, to wandering the grounds. The best part of the even is that there really is so much to see and do. We mingled with old friends and made new ones at the tables beside us. Every one was just happy to be there – and to be enjoying the all to rare warm summer sun. Diner en blanc calgary

^ Doesn’t the peace bridge look incredible in this light? ^

He’s not too bad either.



Fenced into our own exclusive area, Calgarians walked and ran by, wondering what the fuss was about. Next year my friends! Get yourselves on the wait list.Diner en blanc calgary

Diner en blanc calgary

With a hankering for dessert, we headed back to our tables for our last course. Macarons from Ollia and homemade madeleines.

If you haven’t had the macarons from Ollia yet, get yourself down there pronto. They are the best in the city, legit. We had the salted caramel and dark chocolate (a Diner en Blanc special), rocher (because I have a thing with hazlenut), and red velvet.
Diner en blanc calgary

Diner en blanc calgary



And then it was back to wandering around, enjoying the atmosphere. 

Diner en blanc calgary




Diner en blanc calgary

And of course, sparklers – A diner en blanc staple and my favourite part of the night.

Diner en blanc calgary


There’s no such thing as getting carried away when it comes to sparklers…




Diner en blanc calgary

The night was a blast and I can’t wait until next year. Pop in your info and give Diner en Blanc a follow to be notified of ticket sales next year!

See you there mes amis.

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