Picnics in the Park

 After a busy morning touring all the 3rd and 4th arrondissements had to offer, we made our way across the river and into Saint-Germain-des-Pres.

It’s a little more ritzy, but absolutely stunning. Roads are lined with tin rooftops and white stone buildings, and there are grand doorways at every entrance. Walking along the side-streets we discovered courtyard after courtyard, all protected by giant and most often blue painted doors.


We walked past the designer shops but hesitated at a few to glance through the windows. Some day…

The sun was shining down on us but we were still craving to explore more of the city so we continued on for a bit more sight-seeing. Les invalides was first on my map, and we were in awe the second we spotted it. Canons line a perfectly pruned yard, all leading to the grand entrance.


We oo’d and awe’d as we walked up the pathway and turned around. Facing my most-favourite bridge in the City – the Pont Alexandre III. Gold statues perch above each post in classic ornate Paris fashion.




On the opposite side of the River sits the Grand Palais – guarding the busy Champs Elysees. It still amazes me that such beautiful and historic buildings sit at every corner, as if that’s just an ordinary thing.


In dire need of a break, we grabbed a few snacks from Paul and made our way to the Jardin des Tuileries. Every since my first visit to Paris, I had been dreaming about relaxing and picnicking in this park. Things like this garden just don’t exist here in Calgary.

Tree-lined squares fill the park, adding the perfect amount of sun to relax on a hot day, while grand fountains guard the entrances. We quickly grabbed a couple refreshments before finding a seat and plopping ourselves down.



Followed of course, by copying the locals and plunging our feet into the cold fountain.


At the other end of the garden lies the louvre. Exquisite and unbelievably grand. But, we decided to save our entrance for another day.


We made our way back home, stopping on the way at one of the most famous cooking stores. In fact, it’s where Julia Childs bought her first cooper pot.

It looks relatively unassuming, but inside E.Dehillerin there are rows after rows of cooking supplies. Pots, pans, strainers, tart shells, cookie cutters, and every size of icing tip imaginable – and that’s just to name a few. We selected a few items, inspired by our cooking class the previous day, and I squealed with glee.



 For dinner we cleaned up and hopped into Allard (book a reservation in advance). The chef, Alain Ducasse has put the restaurant onto the top ten list in Paris, as he has done for other spots like the Jules Verne.

A house speciality, we went for the duck for two, a side of sauteed green beans, and roasted potatoes.

The meal was absolutely delicious and we were so stuffed we left without dessert. I highly recommend stopping here if you have the time – the classic French cooking won’t leave you disappointed.



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