Notre Dame

Up bright and early (and luckily not the slightest big jet-lagged) we headed out to get our Petit-dejeuner on.

Staying in the Le Marais district, we were bombarded by cafe after cafe, perched on each street corner. Wicker chairs and bistro sets filled the district as we casually strolled through glancing at the menus. Having walked through the night before, Cafe Manfred looked pretty full. Following my travelling rule that busy = good, we stopped in for a bite.

 cafe manfred paris breakfast ideas
cafe manfred paris breakfast ideas  

The staple Petit-dejeuner in Paris is a cup of freshly squeezed OJ, a warm beverage of your choice, and a pastry or baguette. Starving, I went for the baguette and was not disappointed. You just can’t get baguette like that in Calgary.
cafe manfred paris breakfast ideas

Sunnies / Shirt (Similar here and here)cafe manfred paris breakfast ideas

It may have been a heat wave in Paris, but that didn’t stop me from ordering a warm cup of tea to wash it down.

Onwards, we walked down to the Seine, intent on checking out the Notre Dame Cathedral. Stopping along the streets of the 3e to check out the local atmosphere.
  paris things to do
paris things to do  IMG_4476The line inside was massive, but thankfully it moved pretty quick.
notre dame cathedral

The detailing in the cathedral is second to none. Hand carved sculptures line every arch, doorway, and crevice while stained glass windows and ornate chandeliers fill the things to do, notre dame
paris things to do, notre dame  paris things to do, notre dame

paris things to do, notre dame
paris things to do, notre dame
paris things to do, notre dame  paris things to do, notre dame
pic2We made our way back outside and contemplated waiting in the line to head up to the piers. However, given the 35+ degree heat and the sun blazing down on us, we decided to forgo it. Besides, we had much more exploring to do.  

After viewing Notre Dam from all its spectacular angles, we headed into the Germain district for a quick peak (“that’s 6e for any of you Parisienne-wannabes).   pic3

The best part about the city is that there are ornate sculptures, massive waterfalls, and generally gorgeous buildings every where you look.

We stumbled across a cobblestone street and headed into a little spice store. Shelves were lined with fancy flavoured olive oils such as basil, lemon, or grape, delicious bottles of jam, and all the French staple herbs like herbs de provence or fleur de sel. A chef’s dream. 

I picked up a jar of Fleur de sel, a few jams (a champagne one for Cole), and a basil olive oil. Can’t wait to try them out!

Thirsty and tired from a morning of walking, we scoured the streets for a cold drink. Upon happening on Lipp Brasserie, I insisted we made our way inside. It is a crowd favourite after all.   Locals made there way in and out, dressed in fine suits and dresses. It was a little swankier than I expected…and apparently shorts aren’t allowed inside. So, we stuck to the patio – which wasn’t at all a disappointment given the warm weather.

In dire need of refreshment, we spotted the lemon juice and both asked for a glass. Not quite sure what to expect, it was an interesting experience when we were brought glasses with about 2 inches of pure lemon juice. Quite quickly though, the server brought out a jar of water, ice cubes and sugar. It was at this moment that we realized we were provided the ingredients to make our own lemonade. As fresh as you can get.
IMG_4502  LIPP brasserie paris
IMG_4506We mixed and sipped, testing our creations as we went. Enjoying the refreshing taste and the warm summer breeze.
LIPP brasserie paris  IMG_4511
LIPP brasserie paris

After  cooling down we headed back out to explore! But more on that tomorrow.

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