REGRUB Burger Bar

You’re probably thinking wait…T doesn’t like burgers. Does she?

Yes friends, I’ve decided that I do. So, somewhat new to the burger world, I figured why not check out Re:Grub – a gourmet burger shop opening up on 11th Ave.

Now unfortunately they weren’t quite finished the approval process so I couldn’t actually taste their stuff, but I did talk to Jose, the owner, about his idea behind Re:Grub and his view for its future and thought I would share the scoop. He truly believes in helping local businesses, creating local jobs, and bringing excellent products to Calgarians.

UPDATE: I’ve since been in and grabbed a bite. Check it out here: Re:Grub review

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Re:grub burger bar

He was such a positive person to speak with that the feeling was infectious. I was immediately just as pumped as he was for the opening of Re:Grub and what it hopefully means for the Calgary beltline.

Re:grub burger bar

Ok, so what is it? It’s a gourmet burger bar with 11 different options on the menu. It’s a combination of a burger joint, a fancy restaurant, and a food truck. Each burger has a funky name like “Dude Ranch” (ranch flavoured toppings) or “Andale” (a Mexican-inspired burger with spicy toppings and a tortilla shell). Don’t worry, there is also a smoky and spicy brisket burger, but I happen to forget its name at the moment.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Re:Grub is BURGER spelled backwards. Don’t worry, I didn’t get it at first either. Everything at Re:Grub is going to be homemade – from grinding their own meat mixture, hand-making their patties, and kneading and baking homemade buns. Each order will be delivered to you on a baking tray, symbolizing that it’s as fresh as you can get.

Jose’s idea behind Re:Grub was to create a welcoming space for Calgarians to enjoy an excellent burger and relax. The atmosphere of Re:Grub is colourful and trendy, with some pretty cool DIY components. It shows that a trendy atmosphere doesn’t need to break the bank. Plus, almost everything is local.

In the summer, Re:Grub is going to have an outside patio that seats about 40 people. Perfect for grabbing a meal and snagging a spot in the sun while you watch the city move about.

There’s a massive murale on the side wall of the building which Jose had painted by a local artist. Based on the alien in Austin, Texas, Jose’s vision behind the mural is that Calgary needs something that is truly just for Calgary. Stand at the corner of the murale and give the monster a high five, watching the electricity exude from its hand.

RE:GRUB burger bar calgary

RE:GRUB burger bar calgary

  Kicks (on sale!!) / Skinnies

With gourmet burgers, fresh products, a local focus and an enthusiastic owner who is truly invested in Calgary, there is no doubt in my mind that Re:Grub is going to be the spot to go.

Seated in the middle of 11th Ave, it’s the perfect spot for a downtown lunch, an evening out with friends, or a bite to eat after a night of bar hopping. They’re set to open June 30th – just in time for you Stampeders.

Head on down and support local business!

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