How do You Cru: Part 2

More juices!

After reading my post last week, Cru sent me a box of their finest Nut & Green blends and boy was I pumped about it.

Cru juice calgary review

 If you read my first Cru Juice review, you would have realized that I really didn’t enjoy my experience with the Nut blends. There was some sort of bitter aftertaste and I couldn’t get through it. However, the amazing Cru customer service team quickly contacted me and explained that they had been having some issues with the heating in their new location. As it appears, nut mylks are quite delicate and they can quickly degrade if brought to room temperature or any type of heat. So, when we had that big heat wave in Calgary, their shop just couldn’t stay cool enough and many of them went a bit sour.

Anyway, after seeing rave after rave on instagram about these bad boys (seriously, that’s one of their names), I decided to give them another go.
Cru juice calgary review

Cru juice calgary reviewKicks

The Nut Blends

Cru sent over Bad Boy Brown, Menage a Trois, Matcha Man, and Stone Cold Rosso. I gulped a few of each and they tasted much better. Not my favourite of all the juices, but definitely not as bad as I originally thought.

Out of the four, the consensus between myself and my lucky pals was that Stone Cold Rosso and Matcha Man were the best. Stone Cold Rosso is basically a cold mocha, whereas Matcha Man is more creamy with that classic Matcha flavour – excellent for a post-workout.

So, with that being said, revised recommendation: decent but not my absolute favourite. Stone Cold Rosso is the perfect fit for you morning coffee worshippers. 

Cru juice calgary review

The Green Blends

For greens, I tested out #greenjuice and Fifty Shades of Green. With names like that, it’s a little easier to get past the ingredients. Each of these bottles just screams healthy. They’re jammed packed with this like kale, spinach, celery, and romaine – the kind of stuff that I for one can’t just eat willingly.

I am pleased to report that the greens were not as bad as I expected! Not my favourite, but that’s because they were my first green juices. Did they taste like celery and mixed greens? Yes. Did I still drink the entire thing? You bet. I even had a friend test out #greenjuice who is more well-seasoned in the green juice department, and she really enjoyed it. The additions of lemon and green apple really add that much-needed sweetness.

All in all, I would snag a bottle of these once in a while, even if for the sole reason that they are so.darn.healthy.

Recommendation: Great for the health nut or perfect for starting your morning off right

 Cru juice calgary review Shirt / Leggings

So there you have it friends! Between Part I and Part II, I’ve reviewed the entire Cru collection. Of course, you can always sample the juices at their shop on 16th Ave SW, or if you trust me, run in and grab one of my favs. I just can’t get enough of the Big O, Pumped up Kicks, or Dirty Lemonade.

How do you Cru? Comment below!
Cru juice calgary review

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