Cold-Pressed Juice: How do you Cru?

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be on a cold pressed juice kick? Between juices and cleanses, it seems like a new juice shop is popping up every week. So, with the opening of a Cru Juice just around the block from my condo, I figured I would give it a shot.

FYI – if you’re feeling lazy, they also deliver.

Now, I have nowhere near enough motivation to do a cleanse – and I really just love food too much. So, I decided to try a few juices as replacements for when I would normally eat something crappy – read: donuts – or as a boost of energy after a decent workout.

Over two weeks I picked an assortment of juices and my thoughts are below.

The Fruit Series

  I could definitely use some more fruits & veggies in my daily routine, so I was most excited to test these juices out. I figured that if I could drink one in the afternoon when I’m feeling sluggish, it would be a great alternative to that lemon loaf or cookie that I’ve gotten so used to having.

I picked up Blue my MindPumped up Kicks, and the Big O and luckily, Cru redeemed itself from my nut experience.

As you might have guessed, Blue my Mind is a blueberry based juice with apple, lime, coconut water and basil. It’s actually supper yummy and quite sweet. I sipped it throughout the afternoon and I will admit, it did blow my mind just a little bit.

Pumped up Kicks was the first Cru I ever tried and it actually persuaded me to write this post. The pineapple based juice is filled with aloe vera, apple, lemon, and mint. It’s sweet, sour and utterly delicious. I gulped it down pretty quick and I did feel a burst of energy after. I would highly suggest it for those brutal Monday afternoons. I went from half-sleeping at my desk to furiously working away. Consider my kicks pumped up.

The Big Oh is a pure orange juice blended from Valencia and blood oranges. I chugged it down on a lazy Sunday morning and it left me craving more. It would be the perfect juice if you’re looking to step up your mimosa game. Seriously though, at 200% your daily vitamin C intake, this juice packs a serious punch. And, it’s bloody delicious.

I’ve heard rumours that these juices contain way more sugar than you should consume daily. However, I plugged it into my Fitness Pal APP and that is just not the case. Yes, by virtue of the fruit each juice has a decent amount of sugar, but with a bit of self-restraint, I never passed my daily limit. So you can put that rumour to rest.

Recommendation: do it. Delicious and guilt-free.

The Nut Series

After scouring the Cru website and reading absolutely everything there, I thought their nut-based drinks would be perfect for after a workout. I’m always craving chocolate milk after a workout, so in my mind, these drinks would be a healthy nutrient and protein stuffed alternative.

For my first trip, I snagged up Menage a Trois and Bad Boy Brown. With names like those, they couldn’t be bad, right?


I really didn’t like these drinks and I was a little sad as I watched them drain down the sink (and my $11 with it). I mean when a drink costs $11 a pop, you expect to love it right?

I’m not sure what made me hate these drinks so much, but I’m going to assume it was the medjool dates because honey, almonds, cashews, maple syrup, and cocoa all sound yummy to me!

The first few gulps of Bad Boy Brown did taste like chocolate milk, but it was really the after taste that killed me. It was just so bitter. Same goes for Menage a Trois, which was more like a bitter vanilla milkshake. I found myself trying to pawn them off on my coworkers and friends, but no one could stand more than a gulp.

Recommendation: don’t get them. CAVEAT: Since publishing this post, the amazing Customer Service team at CRU has let me know they were having a few issues with their nut milks and have sent me a new batch to try. Stay tuned for an update!! 

The Citrus Series

 Happily I can tell you that this series is another winner. I easily guzzled down Dirty Lemonade.

It’s a sour lemonade with bentonite clay and charcoal. It’s the perfect drink to quench your thirst on a hot afternoon as you laze outside in the park or on a patio. They refer to it as a Spa in a Bottle. Enough said, I’m down. Plus, it’s kind of fun to shake up as you watch the layers meld into one cool sweet drink.

Recommendation: yes, yes, yes.

Yes, Cru is a little pricey for a daily habit (and at $50 a day the cleanses are a little out of my budget), but I did feel healthy and energetic after drinking each bottle. Plus, it’s nice to have a good source of vitamins once in a while. Especially after a junk-filled week (or for some of you, a heavy night of drinking). I can definitely see what the craze is about and besides the nut series, I really enjoyed my Cru experience!

Now, I haven’t been able to bring myself to try something from their Greens Series, but that might be this week’s challenge. If you’ve tried it, comment below – or if you want me to try it, do the same.

I’m hoping to review the other Calgary-based juice companies including Juice Because, Harbour Juicery, and Well Juicery. So, watch for those in the weeks to come!

Happy juicing friends!

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