It takes a Village

 Weekends are for sleeping in. And ice cream…Definitely ice cream.

We have been having some exceptionally warm weather here in Calgary which always calls for a walk down to my favourite ice cream spot and perhaps a bike ride or stroll through one of Calgary’s many pathways.

Hell, who am I kidding…even if it wasn’t warm, I would still make my way down for a scoop or two.

There is only one place I go in this city when I’m craving ice cream. Which, let’s be real, is pretty much all the time.

Village Ice Cream.

village ice cream calgary

There is seriously no better. I mean yes, I enjoy a few scoops of Fiasco Gelato or a pint of Made by Marcus. But, if you asked me where you could find the best ice cream in the city…I would say head down to the sketchy part of 10 Ave SE, all the way down to the end of the road, and then head into Village.

Luckily for you, they know have TWO locations. (Brittania is closest for you southerners)

village ice cream calgary

Anyway, craving ice cream as usual, we headed down for a treat. But, I didn’t take nearly enough photos to do this place justice.

As you walk in, your nose is immediately filled with the sweet scent of freshly made waffle cones. Popping out of the irons as the servers wrap them up one by one.

village ice cream calgary

There is quite the extensive variety of flavours, but I always go for Guides Mint or Maple Pecan – sometimes both if I feel like living life on the wild side.

village ice cream calgary

village ice cream calgary

Guide’s mint is stuffed with massive chunks of mint girl guide cookies, while maple pecan is sweet and sugary, with toasted crunchy pecans.

The ice cream is utterly smooth and creamy and the flavours pop. Every lick is as glorious as the one before it. Seriously the real deal.

village ice cream calgary

village ice cream calgary

village ice cream calgary

Cole’s fav was always huckleberry, but since they try to use only local ingredients, it’s become more of a seasonal endeavour.

Even Sophie can’t help but beg for a lick or two.

This place is pretty packed all year round – especially if there’s a promo event happening. 


Grab a cone and then walk it off along the river. The perfect idea for a lazy weekend day.                             

PS – If you’re more of a waffles and ice cream fan, check out Buttermilk. They’ve just created a Village option on the menu. Yuuumy!

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