17th Ave Staples

For the past 3 years and a bit, I’ve been living just off 17th Ave. Now that I’ve come to know the area, I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the City. There are always new restaurants, patios and boutiques popping up, as it changes and evolves with the surrounding (perhaps, yuppie) population. Plus, it merges right into the Mission district which is another crowd favourite.


Living just a stone’s throw from the heart of 17th, I’ve become somewhat of an “expert” on where to eat, what to do, and when to do it. I thought it might be time for a post on some of my favs.

Where to eat in Calgary

*If I’ve wrote a post on it, it will be linked to the restaurant name*

Top Restaurants





  • Cocktails: Cleaver or Model Milk – they have non-alcoholic too! (Website here)
  • Margheritas: Anejo (Mission district) (Website here)
  • Coffee: Analog (Website here)
  • Hot chocolate: Analog – the salted caramel is a must during the winter
  • Tea: Ollia



  • Entrée: Cleaver’s chicken with duck fat fries
  • French food: Parc Cafe & Brasserie (Website here) – Honourable mention goes to Brava Bistro, but they removed my favourite “Crispy Cracklin Chicken” dish and I’m a bit torn up about it (Website here)
  • Brunch: Suzette (Mission district) (Website here)
  • Greek food: Kuzina (Website here)
  • Mexican food: Anejo
  • Pizza: Cibo
  • Tapas: Ox & Angela (Website here)
  • Dessert: Le Parc’s profiteroles or their madelines
  • Patio: The Living Room
  • Late night eats: Clive Burger (Website here)



  • Flower shop: Purple orchid (Website here)
  • Shoes: Gravity Pope (Website here)
  • Trinkets: Steeling Home (Website here)
  • Clothing: Primitive Culture (Website here)

With Spotify coming to Canada, I’ve collaborated with them to make a playlist for when you’re cruising down 17th Ave, sitting on a patio, or just plain enjoying that summer sun. You can check out my contribution under their “Music For Your World” campaign, within the playlist “Happy 17th“.


Sign up for free and check it out! They have some other great playlists for floating down the Bow or friday night cocktails – but we all know 17th Ave is the happiest best place to be.


Stay happy friends!

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