The Wurst.

Now that the Flames are onto their second playoff round, I thought I would share a great spot to watch the game and pig out.


Wurst is our go-to spot when we’re missing Austria/Germany. With bratwurst platters, “kinder” flatbreads, schnitzel, and liters of beer, it’s casual and authentic.

Wurst calgary food restaurant review

Wurst calgary food restaurant review

We reserved a spot in the SUPER busy beerhall down below and headed to our seats. The long wooden tables and benches are set up like a traditional beerhall, and they have tvs and projection screens strategically placed around the walls.



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We attended for round 1 and the crowd was quite energetic (and anxious) to say the least. Screams and shouts of joy were made every time the Flames scored…and silence whenever the Canucks did. I can only imagine how much rowdy things will be now that they’re in round 2.


Every so often there would be a series of high-fives or a round of hugs between friends and strangers, all there with one common interest.

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If you’re headed there with a few friends, I recommend the meat platter. Especially if some of those pals are gents with big appetites. It’s a serious dish and will easily feed 4-5 people.

Wurst calgary food restaurant review

It stuffed with a mixture of sausages, cured pork, meatloaf and pork shank..all hiding a bed of fried potatoes, sauerkraut, dumplings, gravy, and cabbage. It’s a serious endeavor.

Wurst calgary food restaurant review

Wurst calgary food restaurant review

Wurst calgary food restaurant review

Or, if you need a few smaller options try the duck fat fries, wings, flatbreads or snag a few big pretzels with mustard.

Wurst calgary food restaurant review

Even if it isn’t game night, head down on a Friday or Saturday night if you’re looking for a party – or during the weeknight if you’re feeling pretty chill. They have some decent specials which you can check out here.


Wurst calgary food restaurant review

Prost, my friends!

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