Rodney’s Oyster House

Monday night was the cardinal gathering of our new-founded Dinner Club. Obviously I can’t take credit for the idea, but I was more than happy to be one of the chosen ones. Yes yes, it sounds super formal…but it’s really just an excuse for us to get together with friends, eat some good food, and catch up.


Despite everyone’s best intentions, somehow the weeks go by so quickly that all of a sudden you haven’t seen each other in months. Anyway, this is an effort to change all of that.

Couple by couple, we all showed up, dressed in our work wear and fried from the day, and gathered around a family-style wooden table at Rodney’s. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a new seafood joint in town, or rather an “oyster bar”.

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

Decorated like a New England cottage, the paint colours are sea inspired, the walls are coated in craftsman style white panels, and the light fixtures look like a more stylish version of a fish net. The bar is the focus of the spot, forming a large circle as soon as you step in with little booths staggered in the corners amidst dim lighting.

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

Once we were all seated and ready to go, it was time to call Dinner Club to order. Or at least, order a few drinks.

At this time, things started to get a little silly and the party hats came out. Because really, you can’t celebrate a 30th birthday without party hats.


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The birthday boy, Jason, was goaded into posing for the camera, putting on one princess birthday hat after another.


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After a careful evaluation of the four choices, we agreed he was the most like Snow White.

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The boys quickly snapped up a few Caesars, and eyed the wine list for later on.

None of us were in a hurry to eat, still eager to get the latest scoop on work, house shopping, and the usual categories of gossip.

After a little pushing and prodding by our server, we did manage to glance at the menu and come up with a few choices. I must say, the menu took the mimalist approach a little too far…. A lot of the time we were left wondering whether the dishes were just a heap of seafood, or whether they perhaps came with a little more.

We ordered and then got right back to continuously laughing and shouting over each other. In no time a large platter of oysters was set right in the centre.

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

Each oyster was carefully plucked from its bed of ice, piled under a variety of toppings, and gobbled up. I refrained from eating any, but it sounded like they were pretty damn good.

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

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Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

The takers were pretty good at making sure they got their 4 each.

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After there was nothing left but ice and crushed up lemons, the wine started flowing and our meals made their way out.

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

I ordered the smoked salmon – probably not the best choice.

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

But, I did have some major food envy of the pasta dish with steamed mussels. Seriously, look at those noodles. You really can’t beat a good pasta.

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

A couple other dishes were ordered like scallops and garlic shrimp.

Rodney's Oyster Bar calgary review

If you’re looking for the spot to order a few drinks, hang, and eat a few appys, this is the spot.


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The conversation winded down late into the night (okay…not THAT late), when Jen and I started frequently looking at our watches and stifling a few yawns.

But we didn’t leave before spinning the fork (use what’s around right?) to see who would pick the next spot.

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If you’re interested in checking it out, head on over to their website.

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