Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Man

I’ve delayed making this post because I usually find men’s gifts the hardest! You can’t just pick up a lovely smelling candle and the newest trendy item because all guys are so different!

That being said, things are getting down to the wire, so here are a few ideas before you head out this weekend for a little shop.

valetine's day gift ideas for men


1. Razor – gift the luxury of soft skin (or at least a defined beard line).

This razor is perfect for beginners

And this shaving cream smells incredible

2. Cufflinks – a man’s version of jewelry

Ladybugs / Turtles / Sheep / Cars

3. Gift cards – I used to think this gift was so impersonal, but then I realized that it is actually just what they want! Figure out his perfect store and then offer to go with him to pick something out (benefit for both of you!)

Harry Rosen / Holt Renfrew / Nordstrom

4. Leather messenger bag – Give his wardrobe a little boost with a professional messenger bag (bonus points if it’s leather).

Frey / Fossil/ Boconi Frey (buffalo leather)

Super wicked weekender bag / Canvas / Nylon

5. Cologne – If I had to choose my favourite scent, it would be vanilla & tobacco. Super manly.

Tom Ford ($$$) / Calvin Klein

6. Watch – Watches are an excellent fashion accessory (plus they serve a purpose)!Brown is the most versatile colour if this is his first watch, but if he’s got a few then feel free to take a risk.

Brown / Navy / Silver / Black / Printed / White

7. Miscellaneous – There are some pretty cool odds & ends on this website I just discovered. Snoop around and you might find something just perfect!

Cedar sock box / Wool & Leather Belt / Beer Glasses / Everything you need to know about meat

Psst – Valentine’s Gifts for Her

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