Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Belle

Valentine’s Day always creeps up on me, but this year I have been reminded quite early by restaurant signs proclaiming that reservations are almost booked up and all things red filling display windows.


In the middle of the dark, dreary, and snowy winter, Valentines is a great excuse to get excited and do something special for those you care about – whether it’s with your significant other, your friends, your pet, or yourself.

If you’re starting to feel the heat and are wondering what to get that special in lady in your life, I’ve pulled together a few great ideas (all of which I adore) that are all under $250. Because, showing your loved one they’re special shouldn’t require breaking the bank.

This way, when that frightening February 13 rolls around, you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve got things under control.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for women

1: Sara Happ Lip Scrub – Say goodbye to those chapped lips! This stuff smells amazing and it feels super luxurious. Let her apply it as a set as the final touch to her morning or nightly routine and she will have lovely, lush, puckered lips in a matter of seconds.

Gloss Scrub

2: Clutches & Crossbodies: These are the perfect accompaniments on a date or night out. If she’s into taking pictures, don’t worry, the larger one can easily fit a camera. Note: There is a beautiful rectangle crossbody (without the tote-style handles) at Holt Renfrew for $140 or so. I love it and she will too.

Blue / Red

3: Treats: Who doesn’t love a treat or two. Step outside the box and find something with a cute design. The more unique the better. If you’re located in Calgary, all these beauts can be found at Crave (including this decadent-looking cake for 2).

4: Watch: I absolutely adore this watch because it is small and feminine. Fossil has a zillion (okay more like 30) different coloured watch bands so you (or her) can really personalize it. Pick her favourite colour or something that will match her favourite outfit.


5: Flowers: I know this is such a cliché, but what girl doesn’t love getting them. My favourites? Lilies, Orchids, and Gerbia Daisies. Show up to dinner with these and you will totally get a few brownie points.

6: Lingerie: I must admit, I don’t actually own this brand but I am in love with it. Everything is so delicate and soft and actually quite practical. Yes, they don’t look it, but the soft lace is perfect for wearing until a tshirt without getting that pesky bra line.

 Red Bra

For a more sultry find, check out this set or this set. (On sale!!)

7: Jewelry: You can’t go wrong with jewelry. In my book, the more sparkly, the better. However, these items are much more practical for the every-day lady. The bangle is the perfect arm candy and this ring could easily be a go-to piece.

Sterling silver is a great idea since it matches anything and lasts forever.

Ring / Bangle

8: Swimwear: If you’ve got a sunny & warm trip coming up (hint: great gift idea!!) why not give her a little something in preparation. These bathing suits are super cute and look great on all body types.

Triangle top & pink bottoms / Turquoise top

9: Candle: When roses just aren’t good enough, pick up one of these luxury Diptyque candles. Plus, the candle is likely to last much longer than the blooms.


10: Perfume: Every leading lady loves a sweet perfume. A few spritzes complete any (and every) outfit and leave you feeling confident & beautiful. Coco Madmoiselle is my go-to for those days I want to feel classy and my Burberry perfume is the one I use when I’m feeling a bit more fun-loving.

Coco / Burberry

PS- This Amethyste one smells divine. So smoky, indulgent, and sultry. If it wasn’t for the hefty price tag, it would be the only thing I wear.

Happy Shopping!


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