What I’m Coveting This Month (December)

Yes yes, it’s technically January…but it has only been January for 2 days. I’m a little bit late to the game on this post, but that is only because I’ve been enjoying relaxing (read: stuffing my face) and spending time with my friends and family this holiday!


As we cruise on into 2015, I’ve got a few trending favourites to share with you. As usual, shop via the links I’ve imported or check out my pinterest wishlist for more great finds!

Pajama Sets

I can’t begin to tell you how obsessed I am with PJ sets right now – and by the looks of the pics filling up my Instagram feed, I’m not the only one.

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clearPeace / Fleece Hello Kitty / Hearts / Cheetah / Fireside / Roses / Polka Dots

These super cute sets are perfect for lounging around the house on a lazy weekend (or evening), or for throwing in a weekend bag and sporting during a cabin getaway. They have wicked patterns and colours and come in all different types of materials.

I love my fleece set for those chilly snowy days that you wish you had a fireplace, but my waffle patterned set is great if I want something a little more figure flattering.

(Plus, with all the boxing week sales, you can get a pretty good deal!)

Tulle Skirts

These seem to be making quite the comeback. They’re perfect for late-blooming holiday parties or snowy nights out. I, personally, am happy we have moved away from mini skirts and onto something a little more refined. Paired with a crop top or a cute fitted shirt they can be really feminine! Plus, who doesn’t love feeling like a ballerina.

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Black / Ivory / Midi-Skirt / Gold Waistband

I’m just IN LOVE with the one from Etsy. A gold waistband?! Want it.

Travel Bags

We recently took a little trip back home to good old Sarnia, Ontario. And had I not needed to stuff a bunch of wrapped presents into a suitcase, I would have loved to carry one of this bad boys right on and off the plane. I must admit, I was quite jealous of Cole’s deep plaid one (especially when he didn’t have to wait in the baggage line).

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Patterned / Faux-Leather / Tote

A good quality bag will last the test of time – and won’t leave you angry in the airport holding a broken strap.

Workout Gear

As we’re all busy trying to live the mantra “new year, new you”, the gyms are predictably packed and my newsfeed is full of inspirational quotes and “gymrat” hashtags.

As a result, inspiring and colourful workout gear is all the rage. When you look and feel cute, you’re more likely to keep at it!

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Jacket / Pink Shirt (quick drying for those sweaty workouts) / Flower Shorts / Sports Bra

That’s it for this months trends – honourable mentions include all things sequin and fancy undergarments.

For all my male readers, I hope to have a fashion post up for you soon (once my consultant gets off his butt!)

Share your thoughts below.