Una Pizza

One of us always starts the “where should we go for lunch” debate by saying we don’t feel like pizza. However, just saying the word pizza immediately stirs a new craving, and soon enough it is not a debate over what to eat, but which pizza place to eat at.


Deciding to stray from our normal go-to spots (but still stay within range of 17th Ave), we headed to Una Pizza & Wine.

The thin and crunchy, yet soft crust is always a favourite, and there are a variety of “gourmet” toppings.

Usually the joint is pretty busy, but on a weekend afternoon we were gladly able to snag a spot.

Una pizza calgary restaurant review

Una pizza calgary restaurant review

The walls are decorated with some pretty cool murals to glance at while you wait.

Una pizza calgary restaurant review

I always stick to the same order – Pizza Margherita (cue: Margheriti).

The mozzarella is gooey and stretchy, the tomatoes sweet and full of flavour, and just enough basil to have a kick.

Una pizza calgary restaurant review

The pizza is massive, but since the crust is so thin you can impress your guest by eating it all!

I slowly made my way through piece after piece, ensuring a large dollop of mozzarella was had with eat bite. The ends of the crust bubbled up, making the perfect cheese & bread combination.

Una pizza calgary restaurant review

Cole was enticed by the pasta and selected a warm and saucey tomato number, topped with chunks of parmesan cheese. He slowly swirled noodle after noodle before it was all finished.

Una pizza calgary restaurant review

Rich in flavour, we enjoyed our decent sized portions – perfect for a big lunch! Sadly (for Sophie), we didn’t have anything to wrap up and bring home.

Great little spot and reasonably priced! We weren’t in the mood for wine, but they’ve got a pretty good selection if you are!


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