Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

Today’s post is #3 in my Gift Guide Series..and perhaps the most difficult. Gifts for Him. He can be a boyfriend, partner, husband, father, brother, friend, colleague, or just some random guy you need to buy a gift for.

Check out my ideas below and comment if you’ll be purchasing any this year!

Budget – Friendly ($)

Gloves: Leather gloves look great with any jacket (or sweater) and are a little treat for that special someone. Some of them are fur lined to keep those fingers extra warm and others allow your man to wear them while using his phone.

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Brown Leather / Fleece / Black Leather / Fleece Lined

Accessories: For the man who works in a business atmosphere, a new tie or cuff-links is a great idea. It’s a great way to add a little flare to that boring suit.

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  Yello Pocket Square / Blue Striped Tie / Green Striped Tie / Red Pocket Square / Checkered Silk Tie

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   Tie Bar / Striped Cufflinks / Blue Cufflinks / Gear Cufflinks

Socks: Colourful socks are pretty trendy right now. Why not pick up a few. While you’re at it (if you’re in that type of relationship) Saxx are pretty great underwear (and just as colourful!).


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Checkered / Blue Striped / Red Polka Dots / Shapes / Flowers

F_53740786~53740786-BLACK (1)

Flowers / SAXX (Website)

Moderate ($$)

Bluetooth Speaker: This is a great gift for the guy who loves his tunes. It connects via Bluetooth to his phone, tablet, or computer and allows him to amplify the sound to that perfect level (whether he is rocking out or just looking to sit back and relax).

GRI_2                 soundlink_mini_si_lg   prod2690313


Bose / Bose mini speaker Gramaphone

The gramaphone is a personal favourite as it plays the sound back with a vintage-antiquey feel.

Headphones: Another great idea for the music (or podcast) lover are heapdhones. If he loves to travel – even better, pick a pair that can cancel out all the noise from those crying babies.

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Bose / Beats / B&O

Sunglasses: Every guy needs a cool pair of shades – they’re not just for the summer sun you know!




Sweaters or Jackets: Wrap him up in something warm. If you’re wishing he dressed a little better, this is the perfect chance to make it happen.

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Salt & Pepper / Cable Knit / Vest / Blue Knit / Christmas Sweater / Pea Coat

Splurge ($$$)

Travel Bag or Satchel: There are some absolutely gorgeous travel bags out there. If he is a frequent traveler, stick to something that is small enough to act as a carry on. If he’s more of a weekend getaway type guy, you pick something a little bigger.

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Coach Weekender / Blue Canvas / Striped Wool  / Backpack / Leather Duffle

Cologne: We all love to smell good. There are some great manly scents out there – tobacco & vanilla being my favourite.


Tom Ford

Next week I’ll have a special post on Men’s fashion for all of you looking to spruce up your guy’s wardrobe! Stay tuned 🙂

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