What I’m Coveting This Month (November)

I can’t believe it’s the end of November already! Although I’ve got a fashion post in my back Pocket (any guesses?), here are the trends I’ve noticed – and loved – this month.


November is one of those tricky “in between seasons” months. Fall trends are on their way out the door, and while the snow is rolling in, those sparkly dresses and shiny black pumps aren’t quite on their way.

Have no fear, these items are here to help you.

1. Scarves

Who doesn’t love a great scarf? With so many colours and textures, you can easily have more than one. Wrap one around your neck in a trendy fashion and walk out the door in a sweater…or for those of us in colder temperatures, bundle up and throw on a coat.

I’ve seen this beauty on more fashion blogs than I can count! I must say, I love the checkered pattern and the material looks super warm.



Scarf One

A few of my other favourites are:

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Burberry / Purple / Grey Tan

2. Turtlenecks

These guys are totally making a comeback! From shirts to knit sweaters, the turtle neckline is all the rage. For a style tip, it looks great with a fur or bulky vest.

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Red / Grey / Cowl / Long Sweater / White

3. Christmas Sweaters

The Christmas Sweater – a classic November/December item. I’ve already broken out my Reindeer one a few times, but now that December is rearing around the corner, it’s the perfect time to throw one on. And don’t worry, these beauties are not the kind you will find at an “ugly sweater” party.

0221da63acca10de9af9955ea4228ecb    36b046b706a955f012846a61cb1ec22c    ea6db62a12415aff63ab0b4a27bbf453    5a98dfd693fd2e39a13d0d09e307813e

One / Two / Three/ Four

4. Boots

Bundle those toesies up and stay dry!

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Sorel Tall / Rubber Buckle / Rubber / Sorel Short

5. Candles

Tis the season to be surrounded by warm fires and lovely smells. These candles are sure to do just that. Plus, they will spruce up any decor and add a little class!

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Bijou / Baies

While we’re talking scents…this one.



6. Beanies

I’ve been toting my blue and red pom pom TH hat every where I go…but sometimes it isn’t exactly the perfect match (or a match at all). There are tons of cute beanies out there to throw on with your casual, professional, or dolled up outfit.

e70e3b5acc24c9c54948e2f4953a9fb2    8437e2d7c48049a1cc0944b07b307e8a    dabe56528843c82edc8b27239788c0aa    49ad8386bf66db8632810feab1e1287d    8a7107b92142db5aecf92db66849dabb

One / Two / Three / Four / Five

Or…you could always go with earmuffs.



7. Technology

Ok so this isn’t so much of a trend as just something I am totally coveting. Although I love all of my Apple products, I’m really into the Microsoft Surface right now. I don’t own a tablet, but if I did, I would use it to watch movies, browse the internet, read, and of course, write. I’m not really into games so the fact that it lacks all those Ipad “addicting” games really doesn’t bother me.

Plus, it comes with a kickstand and Microsoft Office…and there are all these colourful keyboards to choose from. That’s it, I’m sold. That being said, I don’t actually have one so I can’t tell you how great (or not great) it is.



On a much boring note, what I really do need is a new phone. My iPhone 4S has outlasted any phone I’ve previously had – the majority of which were blackberries – BUT, it has taken to crashing and shutting down with over 20% battery life. This results in a constant battle of restarting until it realizes that it in fact, is not dead. Not very reliable if you ask me. I’m likely going to go with the 5S…but if any of you out there have suggestions, comment below!

8. Others

Although these items aren’t “new trends”, I love them anyway. Don’t you just love the ones with bows?

3ca6720a9212350944cd98d220c6e3dd    fd194620a64bb6938fd781767ef464e0    23f2ad7611819d59a7de3c2719b9f9db    4031875cebe8d9e43101106781f77ec7    2ead2f9515f30504aee0ecaa7f1df130    23811a6db22739c0c038205662bc338a   579cf9a2c0b33eb05d35e55551de3e6e    ee18e45b775938c9de3ec27559da72ba    4b2a1660c049104773bf5713efbf0706    f0b8eb3f2386230918e3c0ab0fc80260

Red / Bow / Tartan / White Dress / Black Bow / Blue jewels / Lace

Bracelet / Black Pumps / Nude Heels

All of today’s items are located in my Pinterest boards. Check them out and comment below with which ones are your favourites.

Happy Black Friday Shopping everyone!!

5 thoughts on “What I’m Coveting This Month (November)

    1. Yes! I am really into blanket scarves right now, and I’ve got a couple I’m trying to decide between (if you can’t tell).

  1. I’m totally jumping on the turtleneck trend this season and I can’t even believe it myself. They just seem so chic now! I just hope scrunchies aren’t on their way back too. I would love it if you’d check out my blog!


    1. I agree! I was pretty surprised to see the turtle neck craze emerging, but now I’m totally obsessed! They are not only warm, but a lot of the styles are slimming and quite feminine.

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