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Happy Monday every one! (Although as I look outside the window at the dreary weather and snow-covered roads, it doesn’t seem all that happy). I must apologize for the absence of posts last week – it was just one of those weeks. You know, the kind that ends with you sitting in bed on a Friday night watching a TV marathon…accompanied by a pizza (and in my case, my bid teddy bear of a Bernese who was vying for a slice).


After some much needed sleeping in, I woke up Saturday morning with a hankering for bacon, eggs, and toast. A little too lazy to cook myself (not to mention the lack of basic ingredients in the kitchen), we pulled on our fall sweaters and headed to an all-day breakfast down the street.

Although I had heard great things about Red’s diner, neither of us had ever paid it a visit. Literally a 5 minute walk from our condo, it seemed a little ridiculous that this was our first time.


We were seated at a family-style table, amidst the country-home décor and chattering guests. An aroma of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns filled the air and made its way in our noses. MMM…breakfast. A good brunch is one of my favourite meals.

He ordered the short rib hash, and I, although tempted by the perogies, selected the classic.

We quenched our morning thirst with tall glasses of water, and Cole woke himself up with a steaming hot cup of coffee.


Within no time, our meals were up on the wooden ledge, ready to be served.

My scrambled eggs were like little pillows. Light, fluffy, and perfect with a spot of ketchup. The bacon was perfectly chewy, salty, and sweet. And the marble rye? You really can’t beat a toasted slice of rye bread with butter. It took me right back to my Ukrainian childhood, and left me wondering why I don’t purchase a loaf more often. And finally, the hashbrowns. For those of you who don’t know me, I recently started eating potatoes – maybe 3 months ago. And since then, I can’t get enough! These little potatoes were chunky, salty, and covered in just enough seasoning spice.



Cole’s meal was quite hefty. The meat was soft and tender, while I’m sure the hasbrowns were just delicious as mine. Green and red peppers filed the empty spaces and he too got a few delicious slices of marble rye. It was all topped with a gooey, bright, sunnyside up egg.



We slowly devoured our meals, and talked about what we might get next time. I eyed up the menu and noticed there were milkshakes available.

We cleared our plates and were left pleasantly stuffed. The perfect feeling for a sleepy Saturday afternoon. Lazily, we headed out the door agreeing we would come back. The meals were hearty and delicious, and a great price to boot! Our bill totalled about $30. What a steal!


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