All Hallows’ Eve

Like any good parents, we celebrated Sophie’s first Halloween by stuffing her into a seemingly hilarious, yet adorable costume. With a little retro-fitting (apparently XXL is not big enough for a 9 month old Bernese), Sophie and her best pal Mila headed out trick-or-treating as the cutest little purple monsters, adorned with yellow horns, big teeth, and goofy eyes. As an act of solidarity, I pulled on my old Jesse costume and we headed out the door.




Too bad the hats didn’t stay on for long…


We crossed 17 Ave and headed into Mount Royal, figuring the neighbourhood would be populated with kids, crazy decorations…and of course, chocolate (for us, not them!).



As we meandered our way through the streets it was a little surprising how many houses had their lights turned off – waving away anyone looking for a treat.

But, those houses that were decorated, we decorated with style.





Massive ghosts, pumpkins, and smoke were just a few of the decorations that were quite common. We headed up a few stairs, mostly to creep through the windows of the glorious houses (hello indoor pools!), but ended up walking away with a couple full sized chocolate bars. My inner child squealed with joy upon receiving a Mars & Oh Henry.

But the main attraction was the Durham Avenue Funeral Home & Cemetery (otherwise known as Brett Wilson’s house).



Now this was a serious Halloween party. Lights illuminated the house with red, green, purple and back while spooky music warned all those coming close.

The most elaborate Zombies waded through the crows, snapping at the older adults, and groaning at the children. The makeup on these dudes was serious and it was impressive how well they stayed in character.




Sophie, however, was not impressed and ran away cowering between my legs. For a big dog, she is a little suck.


With the help of a lot of treats I was able to lure her up to the main attraction: a talking head. It welcomed guests (or made fun of them) and told various dark horror stories.



The giant staircase was filled with Halloween decorations – including a severed moving woman and a living corpse displaying his intestines.





However, it was not all tricks. Up at the front door was a giant bin of chocolates and a photo booth. We warmed ourselves up with some creamy hot chocolate and warm mulled wine, ate a few chips, and remarked at just how incredible the “Event” was. It’s pretty hard to top anything after that.



I’ve lifted a few photos from his website, but if you want to check out the full event go to his facebook page.

We wandered back around the streets, hoping some of our favourite houses would be open so we could sneak a peek before heading home to check out our loot.


Pretty good if you ask me!

And, I can proudly say I have showed some restraint and still have a few left!

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