Authentic Mexican at Anejo

With friends in town visiting, we made a reso at our favourite restaurant to bring out-of-town guests. Cole is pretty hooked on their Chili-coconut margaritas, so that was already a ringing endorsement


Now I know I just made another recent Taco recommendation, but after recommending this spot to friend after friend, I figured it was time to post a little review for those of you looking for a trendy and lively spot to grab a bite to eat!

What I love most about Anejo is the atmosphere. It is truly different from anywhere else in Calgary. The décor is filled with Mexican themed skeletal drawings, rosarys, candles, and other trinkets. Guests are seated along long benches with comfy pillows or at cozy high-top tables.

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Half the space is covered with a glass roof, letting the sun (or stars) shine in, and opening to a patio for those warm weather days.

Not extremely large, they definitely pack as many people in as they can – which is a good thing for any one hoping to enjoy one of their spicy dishes. The place is pretty much packed every night, so you should definitely book a reservation in advance.

With happy hour deals on margaritas and tacos from 3-5 daily, things get busy pretty quick.

We arrived shortly after 6, and the lights were already dimmed, illuminating the tequila bar at the back and the movie playing overhead.

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Patrons chatted away loudly as the servers rushed around with jugs upon jugs of margaritas and bowls of bright green guacamole.

Eager to jump in, a round of margaritas was ordered – chili coconut and mango. Each was delivered in a glass cup filled to the brim with its colourful liquid and lined along the side with chunky sugar. The selection of flavours is truly something to admire – blood orange, ginger, strawberry rubarb, passion fruit, guava, mezcalarita, and whatever “Chihuahua” tastes like. Whether you like things sweet, spicy, or REALLY spicy there is something for everyone.

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A little jealous of everyone around us, we ordered the guacamole which is made fresh at your table and accompanied by crispy house-made tortilla chips. Other than its fresh and flavourful taste, it’s worth ordering just for the show!

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We chatted away, sipping on drinks and scooping up chips full of dip, while we decided what to order for our main meals.

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The boys were set on ordering a variety of tacos, while the girls ordered steak and chicken.

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Mole Anejo Chicken with a 24 ingredient (24!!) sauce, dirty rice, and grilled vegetables.

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Black angus sirloin filet with chimichurri, pan potatoes, and a black bean salad.

Short rib, Pork, Snapper, Chicken, Mushroom, and Pork belly tacos stuffed with cabbage, cilantro, onion, avocado, and jalapenos. All paired with house-made pico de galle, tomato sauce, horseradish-mayo, and frank’s red hot.

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It’s safe to say you will want to stay hydrated and ensure your drinks are topped up before digging in. The meals are quite spicy!

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A couple more rounds of margaritas followed. As well as a pumpkin spiced gelato and deconstructed Mexican chocolate pie.

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The crust was super flaky and soft, while the thick chocolate melted in the whipped cream. Super tasty!

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The menu has tons of lactose free, gluten free, and vegetarian options for any of you with eating restrictions.

The setting is pretty casual – jeans and sweaters are totally fine – but it’s also the kind of place you can dress a little edgy.

If you’re looking to try something different you ought to give it a try! But watch out, you might get hooked!

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