Feast in the East

It’s been in the works for a quite some time, but Calgary finally has a new bridge.



Connecting east village to bridgeland, St. Patrick’s bridge is a trendy and modern piece of architecture, livening up the city and aiding in the rejuvenation of East Village.

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To celebrate its official opening, and to give one last hurrah to the food trucks, we headed down to East Village’s “Feast in the East”.

It was a cloudy day, so we bundled up in our finest fall gear and wrapped ourselves up in soft scarves.

We walked through the swarm of new condo developments and down the boardwalk, admiring the orange, red, and yellow leaves before they blow away to make room for snow.

A DJ was spinning a few tracks in the background, and the area was filled with people of all ages generally just enjoying their Saturday afternoon.

The food trucks were lined up on both edges of the bridge – and for the most part, we had scoped out the selection on twitter earlier that morning.

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)

photo 5 (2)A couple newbies were there, eager to get the word out – and of course, old favourites like Perogy Boyz. The only missing food truck of note? The Naaco Truck. However, given the cold weather we decided to give them a break.

We trotted around, Sophie eager to steal as much attention as she could.

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The smell of home-cooked food was deliciously unbearable, and we both took out our wallets. The slow-cooked scent of barbecue sauce attracted Cole to the Holy Smoke BBQ, while I had my eyes set on a warm and comforting meal of perogies from Perogy Boys. What can I say – the Ukranian in me was brimming to the surface.

The pulled brisket was smokey and sweet, loaded with barbecue sauce on a soft bun.

My perogies came loaded with onions, smoked bacon (YUM!), and sour cream. I was glad they knew that a good perogy is nothing without some cool sour cream. Each little sack of dough was filled with gooey mashed potatoes and cheese. Perfect for a cold and cloudy day.

After snagging a bench we dug in – battling Sophie for each piece. If any of you are looking for pictures – she is the reason I couldn’t snap them. But…it’s pretty hard to stay mad at this face…

photo 4 (3)We walked across the bridge, where musicians were set up to entertain and pumpkins sat carved for judging.

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We (or I at least) considered some delicious gelato from Fiasco Gelato….but it was just too chilly to follow through.

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It was great to see such a crowd of people enjoying the city and appreciating the efforts into bringing East Village back to life! There are always wickedly creative events like Opera going on, so check out the East Village website for more details!

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