Luxury & Relaxation at the Fairmont Mac

This past weekend we headed to Edmonton for a mini vacation. Part business (Cole had an errand to run) and part pleasure (it was my 26th birthday), we packed ourselves a weekend bag, plunked Sophie in the car, and headed down Highway 2.

Deciding to treat ourselves, we had booked a room at the Fairmont Macdonald and were eager to arrive.

The hotel was castle-like, perched on top of the river.

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As you proceed through the giant spinning door, the elegantly decorated interior warmly greets you. Wood walls, soft carpeted floors, red velvet couches, and lounging chairs all inviting you to relax.

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We handed the keys to the valet and checked in.

Given the quick decision to head out for the weekend, we didn’t want to go to the trouble of finding a sitter for Sophie. Prior to leaving, we checked with the hotel, and lucky enough they allowed for pets. The staff was extra accommodating, offering to send up dog bowls and a dog bed to our room. Talk about first-class service!

To make things better, we were advised our room had been upgraded to a Valley View. What a treat!

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Up the elevator and down the airy hallway, we unlocked the door and entered into our massive room. A large entrance, marble bathroom, sitting area, and king-sized bed awaited.

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Not to mention a plate of chocolates wishing me a Happy Birthday and a personalized note wishing us a pleasant stay. Our stay had only just begun, and already it was already an absolute blast.

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Gobbling down the chocolates, we turned on the TV, scoped out the toiletries, and kicked off our shoes.

After a mini-rest and a bit of unpacking, we headed outside and meandered around the town. Just on the outer-edge of the downtown, the location is perfect to do a little exploring but still get a quiet night’s sleep.

Arriving home, I was eager to put on the white bathrobe and jump into bed.

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The bed itself deserves a rave review. Incredibly soft and warm, the duvet wrapped around me like a little cocoon. Closing my eyes I quickly drifted off to sleep only to wake up late in the morning feeling utterly refreshed.

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Sophie popped her head onto the bed and seemed to say she had a great night as well.

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After sluggishly getting out of bed, I admired the view before having a shower.

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Their rosemary infused shampoo and conditioner is my absolute favourite.

photo 3 (12)

Feeling a little hungry and close to checkout, we made reservations at the Harvest Room for brunch.

The room is so quaint and reminded me of a country home.

photo 1 (14)

Light fluffy waffles, vanilla bean whip, fresh berries, and pools of syrup. Not to mention the best bacon ever – chewy and sweet.

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Sunny-side-up eggs, sausage, and toast.

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We feasted away, sipping on orange juice, coffee, and hot chocolate.

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The room was unbelievably reasonably priced and you really can’t beat staying at a Fairmont. With all their amenities such as a pool, spa, courtyard, and gym, I could have stayed here the rest of the weekend. Alas, back to reality!


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  1. I agree – it was so helpful that dogs were allowed (although she did just squeak in under the acceptable weight limit). It was such a relief to be able to bring her along, and she was pretty well behaved (sigh of relief). The hotel really was great though, I couldn’t have asked for a better mini-vacation!

  2. Hotels that accept pets are lovely. I hate it when dogs are not allowed 🙁

    Good to see that you were treated that well (wow, that chocolate “birthday wish” is amazing!) and enjoyed your time at the Fairmont 🙂

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