A Party & A Proposal

Saturday night we dolled ourselves up, put on our best outfits, and “dressed to impress” we headed out to a surprise engagement party.

Arriving at Cucina, we were welcomed by the hostess as glasses of bubbly champagne were placed in our hands.

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Knowing the guests of honour were to arrive any minute, we stole a seat next to our closest friends and sipped away.

Excitement filled the air – while delicious appetizers filled our mouths.

Juicy meatballs & prosciutto and pesto topped crackers.

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The dinner tables were draped in white and paired with pinterest-worthy flower arrangements.

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Silver utensils framed elegantly designed menus at each placing.

Before no time, we peered through the windows and noticed the brides-to-be walking down the street. Averting our eyes to avoid detection, we waited in silence as they approached the door.

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“Happy Engagement!” we all shouted – much to their surprise! A round of hugs, tears, and toasts quickly followed.

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And then, just when we thought the moment couldn’t get any better, a knee was taken, a box opened, and a ring popped out. Dazzling, shining, and sparkling for the world to see.

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Tears of joy filled every eye in the room.

Following the proposal we munched on a few more appetizers, remarked at the ring, and scanned the selection of entrees from the menu.

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Everything sounded delicious and the discussion quickly moved into a debate over appetizers, entrees, and desserts – and of course talks about trading side dishes to cast a wider net.

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Caprese salad or Butternut squash soup

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photo 1 (3)

Arctic Char, Roasted Hen or NY Striploin

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photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (3)

Chocolate Budino or Tiramisu

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photo 1 (7)

Each meal was enjoyed but quickly devoured.

Between each dish amateur photographers tried their best to capture the moment – myself included. With constant laughter, it was an effort to avoid blur.

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photo 2

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Wine flowed freely into the night as the chatter grew louder.

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Switching from wine to Old Fashioneds, the remaining guests urged for details on the wedding next summer.

As midnight drew near, we finished our drinks and sleepily strolled home hand in hand, happy to have been a part of such a memorable evening.

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