BBQ Enthusiasts

Now this is going to be what I call a jam-packed photo post.

This weekend our lovely neighbours had Cole and I over for dinner. But really, as you will see, the word “dinner” does not do it justice – it was more like a feast.

Their suite is the mirror image of ours, and it was interesting to see their selection of furnishings, wallpapers and a few renovations. Cole and I definitely snooped and gathered a few ideas to spruce up our own place.

We sat at the island catching up and discussing meal options for our upcoming attendance at Calgary’s DinerenBlanc (post to follow, duh) while the appys were placed on the BBQ. For those of you who aren’t aware, we both recently got a barbecue. Cole and I usually stick to chicken, steaks, and the like – but boy were we about to be showed up.


The first dish: baked brie with brown sugar and dried sour cherries. I would never have thought to bake brie in the BBQ, but it is a great idea if you want to give the oven a rest for a night. Baked in a cast-iron dish, when ready, the cheese came out bubbling and the brown sugar had melted into a gooey concoction. To be honest, as a former picky-eater, this was my first time trying brie – but now, I am totally a brie-liever!


We munched away and took some snaps, trying to capture the essence of the cheese and just how melty and bubbly it was. Spooning piece after piece onto our crackers, we licked our lips.



In the meantime, our chefs for the night began to prepare the onions for our second appetizer. Glazed and baked on the BBQ (there is a theme!) they came out soft and clear. I must apologize that I forgot to take a picture at this point. Our head chef of the night proudly exclaimed they tasted like those from A&W.

Us girls sat back and sipped on our drinks made from San Pellegrino & Orange Juice, while the boys cracked open a bottle of wine. Mila and I took the chance to bond, now that Sophie wasn’t around to jump, bounce around, and just generally interfere with our friendship.




For our main entrée, we were presented with massive slabs of salmon, grilled with a honey mustard glaze and topped with ground almonds. The pink of the salmon perfectly reflected the transition from summer to fall that we all regrettably knew was on its way. Flake my flake, I gobbled mine down and made a mental note to ask for the recipe.



Fresh from the garden, we had roasted potatoes for a side dish – one of my new favourites!



We laughed into the night and watched the action on the normally bustling street below. I admired their plant collection, and realized I wasn’t even close to becoming a “green-thumb”.

After taking a bit of time for digestion, we were presented with the plat de résistance – a homemade, double layer carrot cake. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how classy it looked pre-demolition.


Stuffed with pecans and pineapple, the cake was as moist as cake can get. There were light hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the carrots were seriously garden-fresh.


And the icing… What to say about the icing. I actually had to forgo the end of my cake (too stuffed!) and just eat the icing it was so delicious.


We finished our drinks (and the boys, another bottle of wine) and said our goodbyes – returning home to a sleepy pup and a warm bed.


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