Tapas and Paella @ Ox & Angela

Feeling a bit lazy, the Mr. and I decided to let someone else do the cooking for a change. Having no particular chef in mind, I opened my trusty Open Table app, and began searching for an available reservation.


Swiping through restaurant upon restaurant, Ox & Angela popped up on the screen, and I jumped at the chance to satisfy my paella craving.

We headed over during the evening sun and were promptly seated at our table behind an open window. I must admit we were a bit jealous of those seated on the quaint patio, but through the large windows blew a gentle summer breeze and immediately my disappointment was halted.

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Having only ate here once before, we took our time to look through the menu and select a few tapas to share. In the meantime, I ordered my favorite: ginger ale.


We settled on roasted cauliflower, fried chicken, and a Valencian style paella.

The server dutifully informed us the paella would take about 30 minutes, but we were happy to have the time for a conversation.

Quickly enough, out came our za’atar fried chicken with harrisa dip and kale chips.


The chicken itself was really moist – a great compliment to its crunchy exterior. I will have to say the kale chips weren’t my cup of tea, but Cole seemed to love them.

We ate two each, before our plate was swapped for roasted cauliflower. Mixed with raisins, aioli, and garlic bread crumbs, this veggie dish was a bit spicy. The cauliflower itself was cooked perfectly. The portion was quite large so we took our time to munch away.


Finally, my eyes locked onto a large pan and I immediately knew it was our paella. As we had been discussing paella earlier in the day, I had developed quite the appetite for it.


It came warm and stuffed with chicken, chorizo, peas, and butter beans. We immediately dug in and started to reminisce about our time in Spain.


The rice was deliciously buttery and I eagerly scooped the crunchy bits from the side of the pan. New to saffron, I have a hard time describing what it tastes like – all I know is that I love it. It makes the dish look so Mediterranean, bursting with colors of red, yellow, and orange.


My favorite part of the dish were the pieces of Spanish chorizo. They were exceptionally salty, sweet, and tasted a bit like bacon.

Too stuffed for dessert, we passed on the sweets and sauntered home.

Highly recommended (and reasonably priced to boot)!


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