Dinner at Posto Pizzeria

Dinner at Posto Pizzeria is the highlight of my week. It doesn’t matter when I go, who I go with, or whether I just went a few days ago…it never disappoints.

I’ve tried quite a few pizza places in Calgary (or what I like to call “designer” pizza shops), but Posto seriously makes the best pie.

I don’t even think it’s been open for a year, but there is already no way I can count the number of times I have visited on both hands. Now, I don’t have pizza that often, but, I guess I have it often enough.


Usually I sit inside the quaint little restaurant, watching the pizzas as they go in and out of the giant fire pizza oven and glancing at the Italian themed TV show playing in the background. But today we sat on the patio and enjoyed a little oasis in the middle of a bustling downtown core. It may have been in a parking lot, but I must admit, I totally forgot about that once I was sitting down, chatting, and eating. It was nice to be outside enjoying the sun and the (rare) heat, away from the wind and exhaust fumes from cars racing by. And with excellent service, I had no complaints.


A friend and I spent the evening catching up, gossiping, and sharing stories about work. She, a summer student with in-house legal counsel, and I, a newly called lawyer. Conversation flowed into the late evening (or at least late for someone who’s bedtime is 9:30pm) and we both finished our plates without a spec of crumbs to be found.

She ordered the potato and leek pizza, while I stuck with my classic choice: fior di latte. It has easily become one of my favourite cheeses – gooey, sticky, soft, creamy.


And the crust – don’t even get me started. It’s the perfect combination of crunchy, chewy, and salty (mmm..salty). I usually start out all lady-like with a fork and knife, but by the end, I can’t eat it fast enough.



We gobbled down our meals (well at least I gobbled down my meal), finished our conversation, and headed home while the sun was still setting.


Back home I went, excited for some puppy cuddles.           


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