Long Weekend Getaway in Golden, BC (Day 1&2)

This past long weekend we headed to Golden, British Columbia for some much needed R&R. Now an annual tradition, we rented out a huge cabin in the woods (but not deep in the woods) and made the 3 hour drive. Joined with 3 other couples, most of us needed a break from the day to day life (and hours) of a lawyer.

Stopping in Canmore for a bite to eat, we got our first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains.

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We all arrived Friday night, opened up the Munchies, and sat around the dining room table catching up and sharing laughs. The boys cracked open the Ginger Beer and wet their palate with dark & stormys.

We awoke early Saturday morning feeling rested and ready for our vacation to officially start. Bacon, eggs, and sausages for breakfast – cooked to perfection. This year, knowing full well how many chips we were about to eat, we cut up strawberries and watermelon to hopefully curb future tummy aches.


Sophie was in her prime. Treats & pets were the themes of her weekend. After a couple sausages and treats under the table, Cole and I took her for a long walk down the winding road filled with cabins, smells, and lots of trees.





Saturday afternoon was filled with more snacks and laughs. The boys ran around playing “Frolf” while us girls sat on the deck and made fun of them.

After their game, the boys joined us and we filled our bellies more (if possible) with an array of snacks.






Finally, deciding we were all full from the chips and veggies, we skipped lunch and had an early dinner. Our chefs for the weekend (Sylvie & Jay) prepared a delicious meal of pulled pork, salad, and fresh corn. Yum!! Afterwards we pulled out the Cards Against Humanity and laughed so hard we cried (seriously).


Early (ish) to bed as we were excited for Sunday’s adventures…


Part 2: Long Weekend in Golden

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